2024’s Game Of Thrones Replacement Might Actually Be The Show We’ve Waited 5 Years For


  • Aegon’s Conquest, the newly announced Game of Thrones prequel, expands the mythical world of Westeros with the first claim to the Iron Throne.
  • Shogun, a new FX/Hulu series set in 17th century Japan, has received critical acclaim and is being compared to Game of Thrones in terms of intensity and captivation.
  • Shogun and Game of Thrones share similarities such as deep mythology, political complexities, violence, and well-acted characters, making Shogun a potential replacement for the beloved HBO series.

A new series similar to Game of Thrones could actually be good enough to live up as a true replacement for the acclaimed HBO series. With May 2024 marking 5 years since the end of the celebrated Game of Thrones series, fans have been eagerly awaiting new developments for prequels and spinoffs such as 2022’s House of the Dragon. The newly announced Game of Thrones prequel Aegon’s Conquest marks an exciting new development in expanding the mythical world of Westeros, as created by original author George R. R. Martin. Aegon was the first to claim the sought-after Iron Throne.

With Aegon’s Conquest just announced, it will be years before Game of Thrones fans can expect to see it, especially considering there is currently no writer attached to the massive project. House of the Dragon season 2 is rumored to be released in summer 2024, although HBO has not set an official premiere date as of the time of writing. In the meantime, a new FX/Hulu historical epic has already received critical acclaim and elite praise, with early comparisons being made to the same caliber as Game of Thrones. This news is made even better by the fact that the new series Shogun will be released on February 27, 2024.


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Why Shogun Might Actually Be Game Of Thrones’ Long-Awaited Replacement

Shogun has all the ingredients to be a universal streaming event

Toranaga wearing battle gear turns to look forward in Shogun

Early reviews of Shogun have praised the new epic series as an engrossing, must-watch historical drama with a similar intensity and ability to captivate that Game of Thrones had during its first season and beyond. The creative scale and story world of Shogun are far-reaching and rich in detail, which provides wide avenues for complete immersion for many viewers. Shogun’s trailer offers glimpses of the stunning visuals, intense action, sweeping themes, and blood-soaked power struggles that Games of Thrones fans should find familiar.

Shogun takes place during the 17th century in Japan and deals with similar character dynamics found in Game of Thrones, full of sworn allegiances and betrayals that made the acclaimed HBO series so gripping at its foundation. The series was created by Rachel Kondo and Justin Marks and is based on the 1975 novel by James Clavell. The most recognizable actor in Shogun is Hiroyuki Sanada (John Wick: Chapter 4, Westworld, Avengers: Endgame) who plays the protagonist Lord Toshii Toranaga. Similar to the Game of Thrones season 1 cast, Shogun is full of relatively lesser-known actors.

Being The “New Game Of Thrones” Has Hurt Multiple TV Shows

Many series have failed to shine underneath GoT’s enormous shadow

Vikings Valhalla King Canute in season 2

While calling an upcoming series “the next Game of Thrones” feels like an overdone marketing strategy, Shogun is one of the few that can actually back up such a bold claim. Other series have arguably been negatively affected by the implications of being the so-called Game of Thrones replacement, setting themselves up to fail even if they are excellent due to the impossibility of such a comparison. Despite its abysmal ending, Game of Thrones remains one of the best television shows ever made. Any series that expects to claim such a high status must deliver, and Shogun’s 100% Rotten Tomatoes score is a great sign that it does.

What Makes Shogun Similar To Game Of Thrones

Shogun and GoT are visually stunning war epics with deep mythology

Based on the limited information available about Shogun as of the time of writing, the series appears to have a lot of fundamental similarities to Game of Thrones. Both series are set in a relatively ancient time period, exist deep within a rich and layered mythical story world, deal with complicated yet accessible political matters, and have a demonstrated appetite for violence. The various characters are also reportedly fully fleshed out and well-acted, indicating that a Game of Thrones-esque ensemble could be in the making with the robust cast of Shogun.

How Shogun Is Different From Game Of Thrones

The setting and time period could tell a new but familiar story

Daenerys Targaryen right before she attacks King's Landing on Game of Thrones

The clearest difference between Shogun and Game of Thrones is their settings and time periods. While it’s unclear whether Shogun will venture outside of its primary setting of feudal Japan, it will likely have to in time to feel as expansive as the middle and later seasons of Game of Thrones. An impending great war lies at the center of both series’ premise, which will surely provide some of the most dazzling visual displays and battle scenes that could be on par with Game of Thrones as well. What will really determine the strength of Shogun will be its mastery of storytelling, which is primarily what made Game of Thrones so beloved for so long.

Shogun 2024 Poster


Shogun is an FX original mini-series set in 17th Century Japan. Shogun follows John Blackthorne, who becomes a samurai warrior but is unknowingly a pawn in Yoshii Toranaga’s plan to become Shogun. The series stars Cosmo Jarvis as John Blackthorne and Hiroyuki Sanada as Yoshii Toranaga, along with Anna Sawai, Tadanobu Asano, and Yûki Kedôin.

Cosmo Jarvis , Hiroyuki Sanada , Anna Sawai , Tadanobu Asano , Yûki Kedôin


Maegan Houang , Rachel Kondo , Justin Marks , Emily Yoshida

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