3 Body Problem Season 2 Is A $640 Million Gamble For Netflix (Will They Take It?)


  • The $640 million gamble for Netflix with 3 Body Problem depends on a possible season 2.
  • The show’s success is due to epic storytelling and high production value with a gifted cast.
  • Despite positive reviews, Netflix should renew 3 Body Problem only if fully committed to its future.

3 Body Problem will likely be a $640 million (or more) gamble for Netflix, and with season 2 becoming an increasing possibility, the question arises about whether the streaming service will take the plunge. Since its March release, 3 Body Problem, David Benioff, D.B. Weiss, and Alexander Woo’s sci-fi series based on Liu Cixin’s The Three-Body Problem novel, has been a certified hit for Netflix with audiences. The TV show doesn’t seem to be losing any real momentum either, as 3 Body Problem has dominated Netflix’s global chart for weeks and could very well continue to do so.

Not just because it’s under the development of Game of Thrones alumni Benioff and Weiss, the show carries an irresistible appeal for its epic extraterrestrial story and complex, tech-filled world sustained by high production value and a gifted 3 Body Problem cast. Across the board, Netflix has fielded generally positive 3 Body Problem reviews, which could suggest that the streaming giant has pioneered its new flagship series. Though, of course, a series’ place in the streaming world is not always set nor safe, andin the case of 3 Body Problem, accommodating it further would be particularly costly for Netflix.


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3 Body Problem introduces a lot of new concepts as the show goes on, with aliens and advanced technology often being thrust into the spotlight.

3 Body Problem’s Budget Could Total At Least $640 Million

3 Body Problem Needs 4 Seasons To Tell The Complete Story

Eiza González as Auggie looking forward sternly

With story plans for subsequent 3 Body Problem seasons already materializing and Cixin’s book series to guide it through to completion, all the show really needs is for Netflix to invest in what seems to be a pretty promising future. Concerning Netflix, however, an investment in the series comes at an imaginable $160 million expenditure per season if gauged by the precedent 3 Body Problem’s season 1 budget set. According to story plans speculated by Benioff, it would take four seasons to comfortably complete Cixin’s Remembrance of Earth’s Past trilogy on-screen, necessitating at least $640 million from Netflix.

Reports indicate that
3 Body Problem
season 1’s per-episode budget was about $20 million.

$640 million for all four seasons can only be seen as a tentative baseline, as 3 Body Problem’s intricate story and ever-expanding world could mean that the extent of its budget may increase as the seasons progress. Because of the extensive material set up in the canon, Benioff surmised that season 2 could follow Cixin’s second book, but a third and fourth season may be necessary to cover the third. It wouldn’t be beyond belief that 3 Body Problem would need even more money to depict the full breadth and scale of the story as well.

Netflix Should Renew 3 Body Problem For Season 2 – But Only If It’s Fully Committed

Cancelation Fears Will Only Increase With Time

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3 Body Problem may have flaws, but it also has plenty of strengths, including an exceptional aptness for multi-era, multidimensional, sci-fi world-building, and the show has the potential to get even better as it grows into its ambition. Not to mention, 3 Body Problem has the globe hooked and dedicated creators so desperate to see it through to the end that it seems only fitting for Netflix to greenlight 3 Body Problem season 2. However, what is fitting might not always be worth it, and Netflix should only give the go-ahead if it’s fully committed to 3 Body Problem’s future.

3 Body Problem’s
story is complex, and the further it draws out, the more audiences will want answers to their lingering questions, a promise for future seasons, and a payoff via a series conclusion.

Canceling 3 Body Problem before it gets any further would be unpleasant, especially seeing as Netflix has a detested knack for canceling shows early on in their life cycle, but, arguably, abandoning the series as it gets closer to finishing Cixin’s story would be worse. 3 Body Problem’s story is complex, and the further it draws out, the more audiences will want answers to their lingering questions, a promise for future seasons, and a payoff via a series conclusion. These sentiments may transpire with added jest, considering that Benioff feels it’ll take just four seasons to depict the complete story.

Will 3 Body Problem Season 2 Happen?

Whether Netflix Will Take The 3 Body Problem Plunge Is Still Up In The Air

3 Body Problem has a village of support behind it, so its fate has truly been left in Netflix’s hands.3 Body Problem has performed pretty well with audiences, indicated by its prevalence on Netflix’s top charts – and because the series is still fresh and has the advantage of buzz and popularity on its side, it’ll probably continue to bear incredible viewership numbers for Netflix. With audience interest high and big 3 Body Problem questions begging to be answered by future seasons, it’s safe to say that season 2 would attract back a comparable amount of support.

The series is also bolstered by the excitement and dedication of its creators, who have already been working on plans for 3 Body Problem season 2 and beyond that are further along than rough idea stages. Their enthusiasm for a complete 3 Body Problem series could even mean a lucrative deal struck with Benioff and Weiss, who previously grew Game of Thrones into a flagship series for Max. Having said that, as was the case for many other series, whether 3 Body Problem’s solid backing is enough for Netflix’s renewal interests is a whole other matter.

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3 Body Problem

3 Body Problem is a Netflix original series from Game of Thrones creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, along with Alexander Woo. Based on the novel of the same name by Liu Cixin, 3 Body Problem centers on a detective who joins forces with a group of scientists after an unknown force begins killing scientists around the world.

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