8 Burning Questions Hazbin Hotel Season 2 Needs To Answer

This list contains a discussion of sexual assault.

Warning: This list contains spoilers for Hazbin Hotel season 1.


  • Sir Pentious’ death in
    Hazbin Hotel
    season 1 has implications for the show going forward, as it proves that souls in Hell can be redeemed.
  • The fate of Adam, who was killed by Niffty, is still unknown and could potentially have a further impact on the story.
  • The character Emily may become an ally in season 2, offering support to the Hazbin Hotel staff and residents in their mission of redemption.

After watching the first season of Hazbin Hotel, viewers will be left with many burning questions that season 2 must answer. Hazbin Hotel was created by Vivienne “Vivziepop” Medrano and based upon Medrano’s popular webcomic series of the same name. The adult animated musical series follows Charlie Morningstar (Erika Henningsen), the daughter of Lucifer (Jeremy Jordan) and Lilith, as she attempts to redeem the residents of Hell at a rehabilitation hotel, so they may be sent to Heaven.

Charlie faces many obstacles in Hazbin Hotel season 1, but her father, her girlfriend Vaggie (Stephanie Beatriz), and the rest of the Hazbin Hotel’s staff and residents consistently have her back. After being destroyed in a battle with the exorcist angels, the Hazbin Hotel is rebuilt with a snazzy upgrade as the main characters sing about moving forward with their vision, despite hints of more conflict. Luckily, some reassuring updates about Hazbin Hotel season 2 suggest that these questions about the hotel’s future will be answered sooner rather than later.

Hazbin Hotel
season 1 is available to stream via Amazon Prime.

8 What Does Sir Pentious’ Death Mean For The Hazbin Hotel?

Sir Pentious’ fate is important to Charlie’s plan, but he might not be able to contact her so easily.

The Hazbin Hotel season 1 finale has a surprising twist ending: After Sir Pentious (Alex Brightman) dies protecting the hotel from Adam (also Brightman) and his angel army, he goes to Heaven. This has startling implications for the show going forward. In season 1, Charlie goes to court to try and convince the angels that it is possible for a soul in Hell to be redeemed. They dismiss her based on flimsy evidence.

However, Pentious arriving in Heaven is concrete proof that a soul can be redeemed. Yet the angels might still try to dispute this. While Pentious has proved his dedication to his friends, he might be hard-pressed to find a way to reach Charlie and the others and inform them of this new development in their case.



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7 Did Adam Go To Hell After Niffty Killed Him?

If Sir Pentious is in Heaven, then what happened to Adam?

Adam and Lute Hazbin Hotel

If Pentious was sent to Heaven after his death, it stands to reason that Adam is still a player in Hazbin Hotel despite being killed. Charlie makes a point of sparing Adam during the final battle – only for Niffty (Kimiko Glenn) to stab him several times. Adam is generally terrible throughout the show, demonstrating the sloppy standards of both Heaven and Hell. It would be a great roundabout plot twist if Adam got his comeuppance and ended up in Hell and is then must deal with realizing that he is a terrible person.

6 Will Emily Help The Hazbin Hotel?

Emily likes Charlie and believes in her mission.

Emily looks shocked up at Sera in Hazbin Hotel

When Charlie makes her case in Heaven and shows Angel’s progress in episode 6, a young angel named Emily (Shoba Narayan) sees the value of the hotel. Emily is also horrified to learn about Adam’s annual Exterminations in Hell. Emily then shouts at Charlie not to give up as she is sent back to Hell, and she is very happy to see Sir Pentious when he arrives in Heaven. Emily might prove to be a deus ex machina-style ally in season 2, showing up to help the hotel when the staff and residents need it the most.

5 Will There Be More Of Husk’s Backstory?

Season 1 only hints at Husk’s backstory and his dynamic with Alastor.

Husk working at the bar in Hazbin Hotel

Husk (Keith David), the hotel’s bartender, reveals the barest details of his past to Angel (Blake Roman) in episode 4. Husk was once an Overlord of Hell but gambled away his soul to Alastor (Amir Talai). During season 1, Husk appears to be apathetic about his circumstances but is a supportive friend of Charlie and Angel.

However, a brief conversation with Alastor reveals that Husk knows more about the Radio Demon’s past than anyone. Husk and Alastor clearly have a complex dynamic and Husk is definitely more knowledgeable than he lets on. Season 2 should further explore Husk’s fall from power, how he met Alastor, and what he makes of the political games among the residents of Hell and Heaven.


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4 Will Angel Escape Valentino?

Charlie might stand up to Angel’s boss again in the future.

Angel Dust moves into the hotel to get away from Valentino (Joel Perez), who owns Angel’s soul and makes him work as an adult star. Angel reveals to Husk that he is miserable working for Val, and Husk comforts him with the song “Loser, Baby.” Angel then stands up to Val to protect Niffty in episode 6. This seems to foreshadow more conflict and the other characters will probably defend Angel in the future. Charlie might confront Val on Angel’s behalf again, after trying to do so but being stopped by Angel in season 1.

3 Will The Helluva Boss Characters Make An Appearance?

Medrano created another animated series set in Hell.

Blitz Millie and Moxie in the Helluva Boss Pilot

Medrano is also the creator of the show Helluva Boss, following a small company of Imp assassins exacting revenge on the living on behalf of the residents of Hell. This show and Hazbin Hotel are set in the same universe, and there are some Easter Eggs to prove it. For example, in the Helluva Boss pilot, the character Loona (Erica Lindbeck) watches of Charlie’s interviews on her computer monitor.“I adore crossovers, so someday I would love to crossover the shows,” Medrano said on a live stream (via YouTube). “Maybe that’ll be possible, I have no idea.”

All episodes of
Helluva Boss
are available to watch on YouTube.

2 How Did Lilith Get To Heaven?

Charlie’s mother could change everything for the Hazbin Hotel.

In addition to Sir Pentious’ ascension, the final moments of season 1 reveal that Charlie’s mother Lilith also currently resides in Heaven. Adam’s former lieutenant Lute (Jessica Vosk) approaches Lilith while she is relaxing on a beach and says that “[her] deal is done” and if she wants to stay in Heaven she needs to go to Hell and stop Charlie. The implication is that Lilith made some kind of bargain with the angels to live in Heaven — an arrangement which Charlie is now threatening.

Interestingly, Lucifer and Charlie’s conversations do not necessarily prove that they don’t know where Lilith is. Charlie mentions in episode 1 she hasn’t heard from her mom in seven years and that she must be “off doing something important.” Charlie seemingly looks up to Lilith, and it might be devastating for her to learn that Lilith essentially abandoned Hell. Additionally, while Charlie has not heard from Lilith in seven years, Vox (Christian Borle) reveals in episode 2 that Alastor has been absent for seven years. This suggests that Lilith’s storyline might tie into another burning question for season 2.



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1 What Is Alastor’s Master Plan?

The Radio Demon is planning something big.

Alastor, the Machiavellian host of the hotel and one of the all-around best characters in Hazbin Hotel, is most likely plotting a power grab that could shake the foundation of Hell. There are hints in season 1 that someone else possesses Alastor’s soul, and he is trying to free himself. He also secures a favor from Charlie in exchange for what he knows about how to combat the angels and could use this in his mission.

Yet there is probably more to Alastor’s plan. His temporary absence could be tied to Lilith’s disappearance. Alastor also implies to Rosie (Leslie Rodriguez Kritzer) that he joined Charlie’s staff when he returned because she is powerful, and could launch him to a position of power. Even in light of this information, it is unlikely that Charlie will stop believing that Alastor is capable of redemption. It will be interesting to see how Alastor’s plans intersect with Charlie’s in the future of Hazbin Hotel.

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