Callum Turner’s Masters Of The Air Follow-Up Is Very Exciting Thanks To Apple’s Biggest Trend


  • Callum Turner’s transition from Masters of the Air to Neuromancer on Apple TV+ promises to be another stellar sci-fi series.
  • With an impressive Rotten Tomatoes score of 86%, Masters of the Air showcases Turner’s captivating performance as Major ‘Bucky’ Egan.
  • Neuromancer, based on William Gibson’s novel, will follow a high-stakes heist plot with Turner starring as a damaged hacker named Case.

Callum Turner’s next Apple television series after Masters of the Air is already sounding great. While Masters of the Air is better than Band of Brothers in some ways, it is certainly considered one of the best series on Apple’s streaming service. Callum Turner, who plays Major John ‘Bucky’ Egan, one of the key main protagonists in Masters of the Air, is already being picked up to star in another Apple series. Apple TV+ has started a reputation for itself as the home of some of the best science fiction original series across all streaming platforms with outstanding shows such as Severance, For All Mankind, and Silo.

Masters of the Air has received great reviews and has earned an impressive Rotten Tomatoes score of 86%. Critics have widely applauded the series’ ability to offer an immersive yet expansive eye from the sky during one of the most pivotal eras in human history. The characters, led by Turner and Academy Award nominee Austin Butler (Elvis, Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, The Bikeriders), are authentic and captivating to watch. With Masters of the Air concluding in March 2024 after nine strong episodes, fans of Callum Turner will have an exciting new Apple sci-fi series to look forward to.

Apple TV+’s Sci-Fi Shows Suggest Callum Turner’s Neuromancer Will Be Great

Neuromancer will have great company as Apple’s latest sci-fi original series

Turner has already acted in several sci-fi projects before, including 2015’s
Victor Frankenstein
starring Daniel Radcliffe, James McAvoy, and Andrew Scott.

Callum Turner’s next big television project will see him star in Apple’s Neuromancer, another highly anticipated sci-fi series that will stream exclusively on Apple TV+. Turner was undoubtedly one of the best acting talents in the star-studded ensemble of Masters of the Air and will surely be a great lead in Neuromancer as well. Before Masters of the Air, Turner was best known for his work in the Fantastic Beasts franchise, a spin-off of the celebrated Harry Potter movies. He has already acted in several sci-fi projects before, including 2015’s Victor Frankenstein starring Daniel Radcliffe, James McAvoy, and Andrew Scott.

Neuromancer will be joining an esteemed group of critically acclaimed Apple original sci-fi series. The best of these is arguably 2022’s Severance, a dystopian sci-fi phycological drama that recently won 2 Emmys and will return with its highly anticipated second season sometime in the near future. Some of the other great Apple sci-fi series include For All Mankind, one of Apple’s very first original series that premiered back in 2019 and has also won 2 Emmys, and Silo, led by Rebecca Ferguson (Mission: Impossible, Dune: Part Two). Neuromancer will have great company as Apple’s latest sci-fi original series.


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Callum Turner Making Another Apple Show Is Exciting After Masters Of The Air

Apple is making a great choice by keeping Turner within its wheelhouse

Callum Turner as John Egan Masters of the Air Episode 6

Apple is certainly making a great choice by keeping Turner within its prime wheelhouse of original content. After the great impact of Masters of the Air, Turner is already a very well-known face among Apple TV+ subscribers and should be an easy draw for native fans of Masters of the Air to their new series Neuromancer. The series will be written and directed by J.D. Dillard, known for his previous work on 2022’s Devotion, which starred Glen Powell of Top Gun: Maverick acclaim. Dillard also directed single episodes of The Twilight Zone (2020) and the celebrated HBO limited series The Outsider, adding another layer of anticipation for Neuromancer.

Neuromancer will also be created by Graham Roland, who created the AMC original series Dark Winds, a crime drama set in the 1970s, as well as the celebrated Amazon Prime Video original series Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan (2018 – 2023) starring John Krasinski. With the creative collaboration of Dillard and Roland, it’s clear that Turner will once again be in good hands with Neuromancer as he was with Masters of the Air. Masters of the Air was developed for television by John Orloff, who wrote two episodes of Band of Brothers, and directed in part by Cary Joji Fukunaga, the Emmy-winning director of True Detective season 1.


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What Is Neuromancer About?

Neuromancer is based on a novel written by William Gibson in 1984

Neuromancer is based on the original novel of the same name written by William Gibson in 1984. Neuromancer follows a damaged hacker named Case, who will presumably be played by Turner in the Apple series. Case is thrown into a dangerous world of digital espionage and high-stakes crime when he meets Molly, who has yet to be cast in the upcoming Apple series. Neuromancer will also deal with an elaborate heist on a massive longstanding corporation, setting the foundation for a gripping and enthralling new sci-fi series from Apple. There is very little information currently released on Apple’s Neuromancer, but fans can look into the original novel for further details on the story’s plot.

Neuromancer Temp TV Series Poster


Neuromancer is a sci-fi thriller television series based on the novel by William Gibson. The series follows a super-hacker named Case who, with the help of his assassin partner Molly, prepares for one of the biggest heists in history when they target a massive corporation.


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