Captain America 4 Will Feature An Original Avenger As Confirmed By Actor [UPDATED]


  • Mark Ruffalo confirms his return in
    Captain America: Brave New World
    during a recent SBIFF panel.
  • Ruffalo expresses enthusiasm for the movie, describing it as “great” and suggesting that Marvel keeps a close eye on him with a drone.
  • This surprising revelation suggests that Ruffalo’s character, the Hulk, will play a significant role in the upcoming film.

One of the original Avengers will be back for Captain America: Brave New World, as a long-time Marvel Cinematic Universe actor announces their return. Captain America: Brave New World may be one of the most crucial installments for The Multiverse Saga, since it marks Sam Wilson’s first time headlining his own film as the new Captain America of the MCU. However, it had to be pushed back until 2025 in light of the SAG-AFTRA strikes; Marvel Studios is also reportedly looking to do extensive Captain America: Brave New World reshoots this year.

During a recent Santa Barbara International Film Festival panel, the moderator mentioned Captain America: Brave New World as one of Ruffalo’s next MCU movies. However, in a surprising turn of events, Ruffalo confirmed that he is indeed part of the Captain America: Brave New World cast. At the time of this story’s publication, Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios have yet to comment on this, as Ruffalo shared the following:

Yeah. It’s going to be great… [Marvel literally has] like a drone that follows me around.


Ruffalo’s Apparent MCU Return Is Reportedly Debunked

Following the publication of this story,


issued an update stating that, according to various sources, Ruffalo misspoke. They say the actor was merely agreeing that
Captain America: Brave New World
is one of Marvel’s next movies, not confirming his role in it. It is said that he will not be in the movie after all. The rest of the story continues on as published.


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How Hulk Already Fits Into Captain America: Brave New World

Despite this being primarily Sam’s story, Captain America: Brave New World ironically also serves as a Hulk movie to some degree. Even though The Incredible Hulk came out nearly two decades ago, several key players are returning for Captain America: Brave New World. For the first time since 2008, Liv Tyler is reprising the role of Betty Ross, Bruce Banner’s love interest, after playing the female lead in The Incredible Hulk during Edward Norton’s time as the titular hero.

Tim Blake Nelson’s Samuel Sterns, a.k.a. The Leader, is also making a comeback through Captain America: Brave New World, and it appears he will have a major role. Following William Hurt’s tragic passing, Harrison Ford will continue Thunderbolt Ross’ legacy by taking over for the late actor in the upcoming movie, where he is now serving as the U.S. President. All of these characters being involved suggests Bruce may have a crucial role to play alongside Sam.

Time will tell how extensive Hulk’s storyline will be in Captain America: Brave New World, and it’s shocking that Ruffalo’s involvement wasn’t revealed sooner. Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see how Bruce fits into the overall story. Once the first Captain America: Brave New World trailer is finally released, the MCU audience will hopefully get a better idea of what Marvel has in store for Ruffalo in this movie.

Source: SBIFF

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