DC’s Arkhamverse Fixed Robin with 1 Huge Change (Better Than the Comics)


  • Becoming a teacher was an inspired move for Tim Drake in the Arkhamverse, showcasing his compassion and intelligence.
  • Tim’s dedication to helping others shines through as he balances his life as Robin and a science teacher at Robinson Academy.
  • The unique twist in Robin’s history as a teacher in Arkham canon adds depth to his character and offers a fulfilling path for his future.

When it comes to Robin’s private life, the Arkhamverse treated him better in one respect compared to the Prime DC Universe. As a member of the Bat-Family, tragedy is something both versions of the Boy Wonder have had to deal with. But one twist to Robin’s history in the Arkham canon helped give him a much more fulfilling life.

In Batman: Arkham Knight – Robin Special #1 by Peter Tomasi and Robson Rocha, Tim Drake is training in the Batcave. After taking on simulations of Batman’s greatest enemies, Alfred puts an end to Tim’s training and advises him to get to work.

It’s revealed that aside from being Robin, Tim is also a teacher at Robinson Academy. Tim gets along well with his students and has fun at his job. Before Drake’s class heads out on a field trip, Tim downs a vial of what he claims is Titan formula to remind his students how intense science can be.

Batman: Arkham Knight – Robin Special #1
can be read in the trade collection
Batman: Arkham Knight Vol. 3

Robin Finds His Calling in the Arkhamverse as a Teacher

Arkhamverse Tim Drake Pranks his Class DC

Tim Drake is the third person to take on the Robin mantle after Dick Grayson and Jason Todd. The same is true in the lore presented in the Batman: Arkham series. Tim is shown as the current Boy Wonder and first appeared in Batman: Arkham City. Like the Prime Tim, this version is an incredible sleuth who managed to figure out both Batman and Nightwing’s identities and convinced the Dark Knight that he should be the new Robin. And like the comic book version of Tim, Arkham’s Robin was always there for his partner, even when Batman fought any help.

Despite being Robin for a great part of his life, there hasn’t been too much development in Tim’s personal life. He’s been a student and has a love life, sure, but Tim’s been stuck in his early twenties for a while and doesn’t appear to have a future career planned out beyond his superhero work. Making him a teacher is an inspired move. Not only is it a good and practical fit for someone as intelligent as him, it also speaks to Tim’s drive to help others, making education the perfect career for Robin.

Becoming a Teacher is the Best Path for Robin

Arkhamverse Tim Drake Taking Class on a Field Trip DC

The reason Tim Drake reached out to Batman in the first place was because he knew Batman needed help. Compassion has always been one of Tim’s best traits, second only to his deductive skills. Sure, education is a big responsibility and it requires a healthy work/private life balance. But Tim entering the workforce is an eventuality and he’s going to need some kind of job as a cover (especially one that fits with his distinct personality. Arkhamverse’s decision to make Tim a teacher was an inspired one and something the Prime DC Universe should consider for Robin’s future.