Dragon Ball Official Pays Tribute To Vegeta’s Underrated Fashion Sense

When it comes to fashion, Dragon Ball’s Vegeta could hardly be called the best-dressed character in the franchise. However, he has had quite a wardrobe journey during the manga’s forty-year history. He has one of the most iconic debut anime outfits and the fan-favorite redeemed villain is a popular cosplay choice.

Beginning serialization in 1984, Dragon Ball has showcased the bright and eccentric fashion senses of Bulma and Master Roshi. However, in Chapter 10 of Dragon Ball Z (Chapter 204 of the overall Dragon Ball manga), Vegeta made his debut and became an icon in his own right.

His journey has led him to ally with many different powerful beings, including Frieza and Goku. It has also turned him into an unexpected family man of sorts. Even Dragon Ball Official has outlined Vegeta’s costume history.


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Vegeta’s Debut Costume: A Dragon Ball Fashion Icon Is Born

Saiyan Armor Revealed To Kick Off Costume History: Dragon Ball Z, Chapter #10 (Akira Toriyama)

Vegeta stands smirking in his battle suit in Dragon Ball Z

As Vegeta shifts from enemy fighter to friend and father, his wardrobe changes alongside him.

The arrival of Vegeta in Chapter 10, “Sayonara Goku”, marks a turn in Dragon Ball fashion with his debut Saiyan armor. Even though Raditz sported a similar look at the start of Dragon Ball Z, Vegeta’s version of it has become much more iconic with the blue bodysuit he dons underneath the harder plates. The battle armor is seen worn by the Ginyu Force and Frieza’s allies. Variations with fewer protective elements of the now classic military garment have also been worn by Cooler’s Armored Squadron. Vegeta also has a couple of slight alterations include a bodysuit color change or shifts in the shoulder pads.

Vegeta’s time in the Frieza Force may not have lasted long-term relative to his rivalry and reluctant friendship with Goku, however, his debut outfit is still his most iconic. As more of Dragon Ball’s lore has been developed, the armor has taken on greater meaning. Wrapping his tail around himself makes it look like a belt, but a defining characteristic of this outfit is the way it can adapt to a Saiyan warrior’s ape form. Some aspects are subtle, yet important, highlighting not only Vegeta’s strength but also his home world’s traditions and history.

The DBZ Legend Continues: Vegeta’s Wardrobe Grows with His Character

Bodysuits Take Over as Vegeta’s Main Non-Armor Look: Dragon Ball Z, Post-Cell Saga (Akira Toriyama)

Vegeta in three images featuring him wearing a bodysuit

Though he isn’t typically considered a fashion icon for
Dragon Ball Z
, there’s no doubt his sense of style has evolved with his character arc.

As Vegeta shifts from enemy fighter to friend and father, his wardrobe changes alongside him. Following another death and resurrection of Goku, Vegeta can be seen training his son Trunks for a tournament. During training, he often wears bodysuits without his signature armor. Foregoing padded protective elements when not in actual combat, the Saiyan prince is depicted in more casual clothing than in his early days. While far less notable or iconic, this wardrobe change helps to indicate the way his life has changed and the positive improvements he has made. He is less threatening to the series’ main characters but is still very powerful.

While not very colorful or eye-catching, these bodysuits are incredibly practical. Removing the protective aspects gives Vegeta a smoother and slimmer silhouette. It also highlights the way that some of his aggressive elements have been “removed,” not just from his wardrobe, but from his initially introduced persona. Though he is still very tough and not the least bit friendly, he has still moved away from being purely a villain with a thirst for greater power. He isn’t a natural heroic figure, but his efforts toward growing stronger and reaching his goals are much more positive and effective.



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Vegeta’s Wardrobe Gets Major Makeover: Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super (Akira Toriyama)

He has one of the most iconic debut anime outfits and the fan-favorite redeemed villain is a popular cosplay choice.

Following Vegeta’s time living on Earth and his marriage with Bulma, the Saiyan prince can be seen in casual clothes. Though he still trains in bodysuits, he is also frequently seen in bright-colored ensembles. Several of his outfits are also highly fashionable mixing jackets with pants, shirts with fun writing, and plenty of style options. Based on his initial appearance, his personality may have led readers to believe he would have a rather drab wardrobe, focused more on functionality and practicality. However, he is partnered with Bulma, who has often been known for her own bright-colored Capsule Corps-inspired fashion.

In Dragon Ball Z Chapter 324, after a time skip, Vegeta is seen standing beside Bulma wearing a very cool and fashionable jacket. Additionally, he is known for his pink shirt which has “Badman” written on the back. He has numerous other options, showing that while he has some hard edges and is not someone to take lightly, he is capable of looking sharp and standing out in many ways! Though he isn’t typically considered a fashion icon for Dragon Ball Z, there’s no doubt his sense of style has evolved with his character arc. Vegeta has made his own impressionable mark in his costume history and deserves much more credit than he’s been given.

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