Dune 2’s Opening Weekend Box Office Numbers Officially Revealed & They Rival One Of 2023’s Highest Grossing Movies


  • Dune: Part Two
    had a historic opening weekend, earning $182.5 million globally, surpassing other blockbusters like
  • Director Denis Villeneuve’s sequel used a unique release strategy, including 70mm formats in select theaters to enhance the cinema experience.
  • Shot with IMAX cameras,
    Dune: Part Two
    is a once-in-a-generation event, selling out theaters with early morning showings and high demand.

Dune: Part Two‘s official box office numbers are in, and it had a historic opening weekend. The sequel already snagged some incredible milestones when its estimated numbers were released. This includes the highest-grossing opening of director Denis Villeneuve’s career and the biggest opening for a blockbuster since 2023’s Five Nights at Freddy‘s.

According to Variety, Dune: Part Two‘s official opening weekend numbers now rival one of 2023’s biggest blockbusters. The sequel made over $82.5 million in its domestic territories, with a global tally of $182.5 million. Its global opening is now slightly higher than Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer, which made $180.4 million during its debut.


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Dune: Part Two & Oppenheimer Have One Thing In Common

With Dune: Part Two selling out theaters worldwide, one element makes its success eerily similar to that of Oppenheimer. While both films are aesthetically and thematically different, they have greatly benefited from a theatrical release strategy rarely seen in the industry. Both movies were released not only on premium large formats, including IMAX, but also on regular 70mm and IMAX 70mm film in select theaters, greatly amplifying how important it is to see Dune: Part Two in a cinema.

In a recent interview, Villeneuve revealed that Dune: Part Two‘s strike-related delay allowed him to convert the movie into 70mm film so it could have a proper release in the format. Select IMAX theaters worldwide also played it in 70mm, after the glowing success of Nolan’s Oppenheimer and a recent re-release of Tenet. However, only twelve IMAX venues can play Dune: Part Two in 15/70mm, compared to the thirty that played Oppenheimer, making it an even more special experience for audiences who can attend those showings.

Dune: Part Two
was shot entirely with IMAX-certified cameras, with select sequences opening up to a 1.43:1 aspect ratio for 70mm and dual laser venues.

This release strategy has worked in favor of Dune: Part Two, which is selling out IMAX venues that can play the movie in 70mm until the end of the month. To make up for demand, some venues are playing the movie as early as 3:15 am, and those showings are also sold out. Audiences want to see a movie like Dune: Part Two in a cinema, as they know it is a once-in-a-generation event that likely won’t be replicated anytime soon.

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Source: Variety

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Dune: Part Two

Dune: Part Two is the sequel to Denis Villeneuve’s 2021 film that covers the novel’s events by Frank Herbert. The movie continues the quest of Paul Atreides on a journey of revenge against those who slew his family. With insight into the future, Atreides may be forced to choose between his one true love and the universe’s fate. 

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