Every Jedi Who Had A Purple Lightsaber (Not Just Mace Windu)


  • The purple lightsaber requested by Samuel L. Jackson for Mace Windu became an iconic weapon.
  • The purple lightsaber’s color has significance, and other Jedi like Vernestra Rwoh also wield it.
  • The purple lightsaber is associated with characters like Kelleran Beq, Huulik, and even Darth Revan in
    Star Wars

Mace Windu isn’t the only Jedi in Star Wars to wield a purple lightsaber. When Samuel L. Jackson joined the Star Wars prequel films, he made an unusual request to George Lucas. He wanted his Jedi, Mace Windu, to have a unique purple lightsaber. Lucas initially refused, insisting lightsabers came in only three colors – blue, green, and red – but eventually relented. The purple lightsaber became Mace Windu’s trademark weapon, setting a precedent for many other colors of lightsaber blades.

The color is a blend of red and blue, pointing to the inner darkness that roils within Mace’s heart. This is the secret of Mace’s success as a Jedi Master, because he is intimately familiar with his inner dark side, and strives to restrain it. The Clone Wars pushed Mace to breaking point, and he succumbed to the temptation to kill an already-defeated enemy when he stood over Palpatine in Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith. But Mace Windu is not the only one to wield a purple lightsaber, whether in canon or the Star Wars Legends timeline.


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9 Mace Windu

First Appearance: Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace

Oddly enough, Mace Windu’s purple lightsaber links canon and Legends. The Expanded Universe revealed the blade is powered by a rare Hurikane crystal, a variant of kyber that possesses unique properties. Although Hurikane crystals have not been mentioned in canon, sourcebooks have confirmed that variants of kyber do indeed still possess these unusual attributes and colors. Most Jedi of the prequel era obtain their kyber crystals from the planet Ilum, explaining why Mace is one of the few Jedi to have a purple blade.

8 Vernestra Rwoh

First Appearance: Star Wars: The High Republic – Light of the Jedi

Recent Star Wars novels and comics have explored the High Republic Era, centuries before the prequel trilogy. Purple lightsabers seem to have been much more common in the High Republic Era, a time when the Jedi did not seem to have been quite so afraid of the dark. One of the most notable Jedi to use a purple lightsaber is Vernestra Rwoh, who attained the rank of Jedi Master when she was just 15 years old. Remarkably Force-sensitive, she was prompted by the Force to redesign her lightsaber and transform it into an unusual lightwhip.

7 Ty Yorrick

First Appearance: Star Wars: The High Republic – The Rising Storm

Ty Yorrick – a unique hero of the High Republic Era – is also noted for her distinctive purple lightsaber. Inducted into the Order at a young age, Ty Yorrick left the Jedi after an unknown incident and became something of a saber-for-hire. Her typical focus is on monster-hunting, which meant she became extremely useful when dark-side creatures like the Drengir and the Nameless threatened the Outer Rim. Ty Yorrick found herself drawn into Jedi affairs once again, and she may be shown returning to the Order.

6 Savina Besatrix “Sav” Malagán

First Appearance: Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures (2021) # 8

Star Wars Sav Malagan

Jedi Padawan Sav Malagan is a new addition to Star Wars, introduced in the latest series of Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures. Trained on Maz Kanata’s planet Takodana, Sav Malagan is an unusual Jedi with a thirst for adventure. Her adventures have only just begun, but she looks set to be drawn into a great deal of conflict.

5 Kelleran Beq

First Appearance: Star Wars: Jedi Temple Challenge

Played by Ahmed Best, Kelleran Beq is the Jedi Master who supervises Lucasfilm’s Star Wars: Jedi Temple Challenge game show. Best was given a great deal of latitude when it came to creating the character, who evolved into a skilled lightsaber combatant – nicknamed the “The Sabered Hand.” Aspects of Beq’s character were inspired by Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda, and the Shaolin monks from the kung fu movies Best had loved as a child. His purple lightsaber, of course, was intended as a homage to Mace Windu. Best reprised the role in The Mandalorian season 3, this time wielding a green lightsaber.

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4 Huulik

First Appearance: Star Wars: Heir to the Jedi

Star Wars Huulik

A Rodian who served in the Jedi Order of the prequel era, Huulik served on the front lines of the Clone Wars and even fought alongside Anakin Skywalker himself. Badly injured after Order 66, Huulik set his starship’s course back to Rodia but died during the journey. His family created a mausoleum in his honor, and Luke Skywalker eventually claimed Huulik’s blade, which contained several different kyber crystals and could thus take on different colors and hues. One of these was amethyst.

3 Darth Revan

First Appearance: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (2003)

Darth Revan is unique, however, because he is the only Sith Lord known to have used a purple lightsaber.

Only a handful of canon Jedi have wielded purple lightsabers, but they were much more common in the old Expanded Universe. Darth Revan is unique, however, because he is the only Sith Lord known to have used a purple lightsaber. Revan has officially returned to Star Wars canon (he was subtly referenced in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker), but it’s unknown whether his purple blade is also considered canon. Hopefully, Lucasfilm will continue to incorporate elements of the classic Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic games into the Disney era, and Revan’s lightsaber will be one of them.

2 Kildo

First Appearance: Star Wars: The High Republic – Escape from Valo

Jedi Initiate Kildo wields a purple lightsaber alonside fellow Jedi on the cover of Star Wars: The High Republic - Escape from Valo.

Kildo was a Jedi Initiate during the High Republic era, an Alcedian from the planet Valo. He was a bit of a trickster and prankster, and because the Force came to him instinctively, he didn’t always apply himself. However, his adventure with the other Initiates in Star Wars: The High Republic – Escape from Valo by Daniel José Older pushed him to his limit, leading to a burgeoning relationship between Kildo and fellow youngling Gavi. Kildo’s story in Star Wars canon has only just begun, and he will return in Star Wars: The High Republic – Beware the Nameless by Zoraida Córdova.

1 Other Jedi Who Wielded Purple Lightsabers In Legends

Star Wars Ki-Adi-Mundi

There are many other Jedi who wielded purple lightsabers in Legends. In some cases, these characters have indeed been incorporated into the canon – but without their distinctive blades. In others, they cannot possibly fit into the Disney timeline. They are:

  • Ki-Adi-Mundi, who was shown wielding a purple lightsaber in Dark Horse’s Star Wars comics, has only used a blue one in canon.
  • Sometimes known as the Dark Woman, An’ya Kuro was a Jedi who took the teachings of non-attachment to an extreme. She was best known as the mentor of Aurra Sing, a student who went rogue and sided with the Separatists.
  • Another prequel-era Jedi, J’Mikel, was seen using a purple lightsaber. A minor character, his most notable appearance was in Dark Horse’s Star Wars #28, when he was killed by Aurra Sing. Aurra Sing is canon (as is her death), but J’Mikel is unlikely to ever be mentioned.
  • Leia’s youngest son in the Expanded Universe, Anakin Solo, used a purple lightsaber for a brief time. Her daughter Jaina Solo Fel became noted for her purple blade, which was emblazoned on the covers of several novels.
  • One final character of note is Sinya, a Twi’lek who worked for Black Sun before the prequel era. Although Sinya was not Force-sensitive, she wielded two purple shoto lightsaber blades, making her a somewhat unusual Star Wars villain.