Fire Country Already Told You What Bode Will Do After Season 2’s Paternity Twist

Warning! SPOILERS about Fire Country season 2, episode 6 ahead.


  • Bode not being Genevieve’s biological father won’t change his promise to Cara, making Bode more likely to continue wanting to take care of Gen.
  • By seeing the chance of having a daughter as the first good thing to happen to him in a while, caring for Gen can redeem Bode more than Three Rock.
  • Bode’s first reaction when learning the truth hints at him likely accepting Genevieve as his daughter, despite not being her biological father.

Bode’s biggest struggle in Fire Country season 2’s first half has been proving himself so that he could get to know Genevieve, whose biological father he could be according to Cara. Stopping Bode from killing Sleeper and even getting him to successfully cooperate with Sleeper to return to Three Rock, Genevieve’s paternity mystery gave Bode a new perspective on life, wanting to be the best possible version of himself to be there for Gen. Fire Country season 2, episode 6’s ending revealing Bode not to be Genevieve’s biological father thus risks changing back Bode’s priorities as a result.

Since Jake told Bode Cara’s secret about Genevieve, Bode’s only focus had been to convince Cara to let him meet Gen. Despite knowing he could have also not been Genevieve’s father, Bode presented the best version of himself so that he could be present for Gen. Cara’s revelation on her deathbed via her “our daughter” aimed at Bode seemingly acknowledged Bode as Genevieve’s biological father, guaranteeing Bode’s promise to look after Gen, especially after Cara’s heartbreaking death. However, the knowledge Bode never was Genevieve’s biological father has the potential to overturn his wish to be involved in raising Gen.


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Bode Not Being Gen’s Biological Father Doesn’t Change His Promise To Cara

Caring For Gen Can Redeem Bode More Than Three Rock

Max Thieriot as Bode Leone, Billy Burke as Vince Leone and Diane Farr as Sharon Leone in Fire Country season 2 episode 6

Vince and Sharon visiting him at Three Rock in Fire Country season 2, episode 6’s ending immediately convinced Bode that the paternity test result was negative, and Sharon confirmed his suspicion by revealing the truth. However, Bode’s reaction highlighted his regret at not being Gen’s biological father rather than a wish not to have anything to do with her after the news. His comment about wanting that to be “the one good thing” that he does, coupled with his wish for Gen to have a family even if they aren’t hers, hints at Bode really looking out for Genevieve.

While Bode’s interest in watching out for Genevieve partially stemmed from his promise to Cara, he also viewed Genevieve as his daughter from the moment he learned about her, even if Jake repeatedly told him it wasn’t sure that Gen was his. Welcoming Gen to his family meant also turning over a new leaf for Bode, giving him the chance to fix things for his family, after his actions in the past led to his sister Riley’s death. Caring for Gen would allow Bode to fix something for once, making the experience potentially more important than Three Rock.

Fire Country Season 2, Episode 6’s Themes Hint Bode Will Accept Gen As His Daughter

With Sharon spending most of her visit in Fire Country season 2, episode 6 to convince Bode that things wouldn’t need changing, as their family at Station 42 was clearly built by many people unrelated to each other, it’s unlikely Bode will turn his back on Genevieve. After all, he already saw himself as her father despite not having the definitive answer till Fire Country season 2, episode 6, making his wish the new foundation of his new relationship with Genevieve, thus letting Bode be the one to give Genevieve a family even without him being biologically related to her.

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