Fraggle Rock: Back To The Rock EPs Tease Season 2 Celebrity Guest Stars & Jim Henson’s Legacy


  • Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock
    season 2 brings in exciting new guest stars and continues to honor Jim Henson’s legacy of love and peace.
  • Celebrity guest stars like Ariana DeBose and Brett Goldstein add a new dynamic to the show, collaborating closely with puppeteers.
  • The second season of
    Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock
    focuses on important lessons and new adventures for the Fraggles, creating joy and heartfelt messages.

Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock returns with all new adventures for the Fraggles: Gobo, Mokey, Wembley, Boober, and Red. As Doc begins a new study to continue searching for alternate sources of power, her experiments have an unexpected impact on Fraggle Rock, including scary winds that continue to cause hijinks throughout the season. As the Fraggles continue to learn important lessons, they’ll make new friends and create awesome new music to help them along the way.

The second season of Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock brings in exciting new guest stars, including Ariana DeBose, Brett Goldstein, Adam Lambert, and Catherine O’Hara. Lanford, from the original Fraggle Rock, also comes into play in a hilarious new adventure. Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock honors the legacy of Jim Henson, bringing a message of love, friendship, and world peace to the world just as he did with the original series at a time when it is needed most.


Fraggle Rock Cast Guide: Every Cameo & Guest Star In Back To The Rock

Apple TV+’s Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock is enlivened by a spectacular guest star cast, featuring groundbreaking musicians and comedians.

Screen Rant interviewed the executive producers of Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock Halle Stanford, John Tartaglia, and Matt Fusfeld about the upcoming second season. Stanford explained how they stay true to Jim Henson’s legacy and goal with the original Fraggle Rock. Tartaglia broke down the collaboration process with the celebrity guest stars, including recording dialogue, input on puppet design, and how Brett Goldstein wanted to keep his puppet.

Fraggle Rock: Back To The Rock EP, “The DNA Of The Series Is That Jim Henson Wanted To Bring About World Peace”

Wembley Fraggle from Fraggle Rock: Back To The Rock - Season 2
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Screen Rant: This show is just wonderful. I love the music. The messages are so heartfelt, and the characters are just so much fun. Halle, you’ve been with Jim Henson Company for a while, and I’m a really big Jim Henson fan, so I’m curious, with Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock specifically, what did you want to key into in honoring and celebrating Jim Henson’s legacy? And are there any other Jim Henson properties that you want to bring back in the future?

Halle Stanford: I love all those questions. I have been with the company collectively for 30 years. I grew up at the Jim Henson Company. But you know what? I grew up with Jim Henson. So I was a Sesame Street baby, so I grew up with Sesame, The Muppets, Fraggle Rock, and Dark Crystal. So such a privilege and honor to be here and working with the company, and re-imagining and rebooting the shows that inspired me as a child. So I was so lucky to work on Dark Crystal, and launch that as a TV series on Netflix.

And then, Fraggle Rock is like my joy of joys. It’s my heart of hearts. Because I feel like with Fraggle Rock, it’s a show that’s all about pure joy, and being in the moment, and celebrating. And it’s funny, but it also has something to say. It has some real heartfelt messages. And the DNA of the series is that Jim Henson wanted to bring about world peace. He’s like, “Let’s create a show that brings about world peace.”

And I’ll tell you something, even before we thought about wanting to relaunch the series, I kind of always took that philosophy on any show that I’ve developed at the Jim Henson company, which is, what do we want to say in this show? What’s the impact that it needs to have for kids when they walk away? Of course, we want it to be entertaining. Of course, it’s going to be innovative. And it’s going to include puppets. But it’s always that heart.

So with Fraggle Rock, it just felt like the right time for it to come out. We were so lucky that Tara Sorensen and Jamie Erlicht at Apple TV+ were also massive fans, and reached out to us about the project. But we then had this opportunity like, “Oh my gosh, the world needs Fraggles, right now.” We need to talk about what would it take to create a peaceful world right now when the first season came out, and today in 2024. And we’re really proud of the heart of this series, and really proud of the production value and everything. And I think Jim Henson would be very proud of us.

Fraggle Rock: Back To Te Rock EP Said “I Had To Take The Puppet Off Of Brett Goldstein”

Brett Goldstein on Ted Lasso

John, you guys have some great guest stars this season, including Ariana Boas, Brett Goldstein, Catherine O’Hara. How does that work for the filming? Do they record the audio beforehand, or are they working directly with the puppeteers?

John Tartaglia: Both. It’s so important to know their voices and how they’re going to put it into the character. They’re not on set with us for a variety of reasons. And so, usually what happens is right before we film their episode, we do a recording session with them, where we ask them to read through the script, so that whoever’s puppeteering their puppet can get a feel for their timing and their tendencies and the little isms that they put in. And then, on set, the puppeteer has those lines recorded at their disposal to listen to as reference.

But we really encourage the puppeteers to also be in the moment, react, improv something if it comes up, and be able to go with what the director wants them to do. And then, afterwards, the celebrity, the guest star, comes back, and records, and replaces what the puppeteer put in. So it’s this really beautifully collaborative way of doing it that’s different than if you are recording a voice for animation, where the animator follows, and that’s it. We give this beautiful back and forth.

And what’s great is Catherine O’Hara, Adam Lambert, Daveed Diggs, Brett Goldstein, they’re all such fans of puppetry, and they have such respect for the art of puppetry, that they wanted to be part of it in any way that they could. So I had to take the puppet off of Brett Goldstein when we introduced him to his puppet finally after he did it. He was like, “This puppet is everything to me.” So it’s this wonderful give-and-take collaborative process, where the celebrity gets to be part of the puppetry, and the puppeteer to be part of the celebrity’s work.

Halle Stanford: And they got to be part of the design.

John Tartaglia: That’s right, that’s right. Yes.

Halle Stanford: We invited them. They didn’t have to, but if they wanted to be a part of it, and contribute, Daveed Diggs had a lot to say about his puppet in a wonderful way.

John Tartaglia: And it’s funny. Adam Lambert, he was so excited about the hair for the Glitterini, and the costumes, and stuff like that. And Brett Goldstein picked out the vest and the colors. And they get to put their imprint on it. It’s nice.

Matt, what did you guys learn from the first season that you took into the second season, that maybe adjusted how you approached different storylines?

Matt Fusfeld: I think we got to know the puppeteers, and just this whole talented cast of puppeteers better. We kind of figured out where we could really just add and throw away characters and bits, and where we could build new things. There’s just a million little things. Louie Rudy, the Whistle Bug, Little Raggo-

John Tartaglia: Architect and Cotterpin.

Matt Fusfeld: Architect and Cotterpin. Growing these characters and making them sillier and knowing where their base is, but then being able to turn that a little bit and have them be really funny. It was really exciting to … Johnny brought up Lanford from the original series, and introducing Lanford into this season. Ingrid Hansen played Lanford, and it’s just a funny-

John Tartaglia: Oh, yeah.

Halle Stanford: The best.

Matt Fusfeld: I really love that dynamic between Mokey and Lanford, and there’s just so much I love about this season.

John Tartaglia: And we’re also so lucky as performers too, because we have writers who trust us and encourage us to keep finding things. And so often on the set, much like a sitcom, if you go see a sitcom taped, they’ll do a take of it. The writers will come in and say, “What if you did this? What if you did that?”

And we’ll do a new scene, a new version. And we would do that on the set all the time. And we loved that because that’s how we found more funny character moments, and more funny bits. Cotterpin and Architect, they would listen to me and Donna just bantering back and forth. And then they’d put it into the script the next day. It’d be like, “Oh my gosh, it’s in the script!” So that’s the greatest process. That’s the dream process.

Matt Fusfeld: And that also is the spirit of Jim Henson too, isn’t it?

John Tartaglia: Yes, absolutely. That sense of play.

Matt Fusfeld: Yeah.

Thank you guys so much for taking the time to talk to me. The show is so great. I love all Jim Henson stuff. I grew up with The Muppets. I love Farscape. I hope we get more and more of everything.

Halle Stanford: Oh, Farscape!

John Tartaglia: Yes.

Halle Stanford: Yes.

John Tartaglia: Thank you. Thank you for being so supportive.

Screen Rant also spoke with a couple of the Fraggles themselves, Mokey and Red, about their newest adventures. Red shared her love of strawberries as well as the unexpected conflict this new fruit brought to Fraggle Rock. Mokey discussed her excitement about making new friends, including Lanford and The Great Gliterini. Although they weren’t able to pick their favorite song, they were concerned about hurting the feelings of those they didn’t choose.

About Fraggle Rock: Back To the Rock Season 2

The Fraggles, Doozers and Gorgs will be forced to confront their past and celebrate their interdependence as they move through challenges together with hope, silliness and brand-new songs, all while dancing their cares away … down at Fraggle Rock.

Season 2 of

Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock

will be available on Apple TV+ on March 29.

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