G.I. Joe Hints at the Official Debut of a Fan-Favorite Power Couple


  • Flint and Lady Jaye are set to debut in Energon Universe after appearing on a special variant cover for May release of Energon Universe Special 2024.
  • Lady Jaye specializes in Covert Operations, while Flint is known as the “backbone” of G.I. Joe.
  • Energon Universe Special 2024 #1 will feature stories from top creative teams and will be released on May 8th.

The ranks of G.I. Joe continue to fill out in the Energon Universe, as it looks like a power couple from the classic Joe team is about to make their debut in the new continuity. Flint and Lady Jayeappear on a variant cover for May’s Energon Universe Special 2024 from Skybound Entertainment, hinting that the the two classic heroes will make their debut in the pages therein.

Releasing on May 8, the Energon Universe Special 2024 #1 is a repackaging of the FCBD special set to be released on Free Comic Book Day, May 4. While the contents inside will be the same, the new printing will feature variant covers, like the below by Stephen Green that showcases Flint and Lady Jaye parachuting into action:

The Energon Universe Special will feature three stories set in the Energon Universe, coming from the creative teams of Robert Kirkman and Lorenzo de Felici, Daniel Warren Johnson and Ryan Ottley, and Joshua Williamson and Jason Howard.

In the comics, Lady Jaye first appears in 1985’s
G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero
#32, and Flint’s first appearance is in 1985’s issue #37.

Flint Is the Backbone of G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero

Flint from G.I. Joe

While it’s currently unknown what the stories in the EU special will be exactly, it’s safe to assume that Joshua Williamson and Jason Howard’s story will take place in the G.I. Joe corner of the Energon Universe. Given that many characters who have appeared on variant covers subsequently went on to appear in the comics themselves (like Major Bludd), it’s also a pretty safe bet that Flint and Lady Jaye will be showing up in the issue, as well. Whether or not they’ll be the main focus of the story or just surprise cameos remains to be seen, but it’s likely the two will end up playing a major role in the Energon Universe going forward.

Flint was actually created for the animated G.I. Joe TV series in 1984 before getting his first action figure the following year. As the Chief Warrant Officer of the original G.I. Joe team, Flint was often portrayed as the third in the chain of command, just behind Hawk and Duke. Lady Jaye also made her first G.I. Joe appearance in the cartoon, before getting an action figure and debuting in the Marvel comic series. With her specialty being Covert Operations, Lady Jaye is able to impersonate anyone, right down to their specific vocal inflections. While the two resisted their mutual attraction for a time, Flint and Lady Jaye eventually made things official and became a couple.

Lady Jaye Is Set To Make Her Energon Universe Debut

Lady Jaye in 1980's G.I. Joe Cartoon

Whether or not the two will continue the romance in the Energon Universe remains to be seen, but their appearance together on Stephen Green’s variant cover keeps things pretty classic for the two Joe team members. Flint has his trademark beret and shotgun, while Lady Jaye makes use of her patented spear-gun while parachuting behind enemy lines. Seeing all the different characters make their debut has been half the fun of the Energon Universe thus far, so G.I. Joe fans will have to keep reading Skybound’s new line of comics to see who shows up next.

Energon Universe Special 2024 #1 will be available May 8 from Skybound Entertainment.

Energon Universe Special 2024 #1

Energon Universe 2024 Special #1 Cover A by Daniel Warren Johnson

  • Writers: Robert Kirkman, Daniel Warren Johnson & Joshua Williamson
  • Artists: Lorenzo de Felici, Ryan Ottley & Jason Howard
  • Cover Artists: Daniel Warren Johnson & Mike Spicer