Green Arrow Unleashes the Ultimate Anti-Justice League Contingency

Warning! Contains spoilers for Green Arrow #9!


  • Green Arrow must steal from Sanctuary for Amanda Waller, risking revealing heroes’ traumas and secret identities.
  • Waller wants Ollie to choose between his family and exposing the hero community’s secrets, including Roy Harper’s.
  • Ollie faces a morally gray mission with far-reaching consequences for his family, friends, and the Justice League.

Amanda Waller has given Green Arrow his darkest mission yet, and it could destroy the Justice League. In order to find out the truth about his family and to save Roy, Green Arrow is going to have to get the ultimate Justice League contingency plan by returning to the site of the League’s greatest failure.

The hero formerly known as Speedy is working for Amanda Waller — and Green Arrow wants to know why. This results, in Green Arrow #9 by Joshua Williamson and Sean Izaakse, in Ollie breaking into Waller’s new Hall of Order to try to find answers. He ends up captured by Waller’s lieutenants and brought face-to-face with the woman herself — at which point she offers him a dangerous new mission

Ever the pragmatist, Waller offers to free Ollie, as well as give him all the information he wants about Roy and his family, if Ollie does one simple thing for her. Amanda Waller is planning to go to war against the superhero community, and to do that, she wants Ollie to break into the Justice League’s greatest failure: Sanctuary.


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Green Arrow Needs to Steal Sanctuary for Amanda Waller

Comic book panels: Amanda Waller and Green Arrow talk in a large empty room.

Sanctuary was a place built with the purest of intentions as a place where heroes could heal from trauma. After all, Batman has had children die, Superman is entirely isolated by the fact he’s one of the last of his race, and dozens of other heroes have similar issues. They can’t be effective heroes without dealing with those issues, so Sanctuary was built. At Sanctuary, heroes unburdened themselves of their trauma in therapeutic recording sessions, all entirely anonymously. Unfortunately, this ended in tragedy, and now Amanda Waller wants to capitalize on it.

Readers can learn more about Sanctuary in
Heroes in Crisis
by Tom King, Clay Mann, and others, available now in collected form from DC Comics.

One of the main things that Sanctuary offered was therapy, entirely anonymously, by confessing to robots that were trained to provide support. These confessions were instantly deleted after being stored, with the data scattered. This was to provide total anonymity to heroes there, but during a breakdown, Wally West managed to reconstruct all the data. Waller may have a speedster on hand who can do the same. This would give Waller access to everyone’s secret identities, as well as the worst trauma of their life. As Waller says herself, secrets are “the most dangerous weapon in the whole world.

Is Green Arrow’s Morally Gray New Mission Worth the Cost?

Comic book panels: Amanda Waller and Green Arrow discuss her new mission.

Green Arrow will do anything to reunite his family, but if he goes through with this mission, he’ll give Waller power over the entire superhero community. Now Ollie is going to have to choose between his family and everyone else, including his friends from the Justice League. The secrets held in Sanctuary aren’t just about big names like Batman and Superman — but also Roy Harper himself, who famously died at the climax of the Sanctuary storyline. It’s unlikely that Green Arrow would be willing to expose Roy’s secrets, but Waller might not leave him any choice — especially when she’s determined to destroy the Justice League.

Green Arrow #9 is available now from DC Comics!

GREEN ARROW #9 (2023)

Green Arrow 9 Main Cover: Amanda Waller and Green Arrow shaking hands in front of a burning Hall of Justice.

  • Writer: Joshua Williamson
  • Artist: Sean Izaakse
  • Colorist: Romulo Fajardo Jr.
  • Letterer: Troy Peteri
  • Cover Artist: Sean Izaakse, Romulo Fajardo Jr.