Halo’s Battle Rifle Gets A Noticeably Major Change In Season 2

Spoilers are ahead for Halo season 2, episode 4, “Reach.”


  • Halo
    season 2 introduces a new twist to the iconic Battle Rifle by putting its fully automatic mode on full display for more action-packed scenes.
  • The Battle Rifle’s appearance in the
    TV show differs from some of its video game counterparts.
  • Throughout the
    franchise, the Battle Rifle has had different iterations, but remains a staple weapon in the series.

An iconic weapon wielded by Master Chief and Marines alike in the video game franchise, the battle rifle gets a noticeable change in Halo season 2. According to the definitive Halo Encyclopedia, “When nothing else gets the job done, the BR55 Battle Rifle will do.” Used pretty ubiquitously by the armed forces of the United Nations Space Command (UNSC) throughout the Halo franchise, the Battle Rifle was newly introduced at the onset of the Human-Covenant War. Soon enough, the BR55 became one of the military’s most popular weapons in the Halo universe.

More efficient at further ranges than the franchise’s standard MA5 series assault rifles, the BR55 boasts an electronic 2× telescopic sights attachment. With its comparatively high power, impressive accuracy, and solid rate of fire, Halo‘s Battle Rifle is as dependable as it is synonymous with the series. That said, the Battle Rifle’s appearance in Halo season 2, episode 4 is exciting for long-time fans. As Master Chief’s (Pablo Schreiber) weapon of choice against the Covenant during Halo‘s Fall of Reach, the Battle Rifle is a welcome sight — even if it’s noticeably different in Halo‘s sophomore outing.


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Halo Season 2’s Battle Rifle Differs From The Games’ Weapon (Sort Of)

Introduced in Halo 2, the BR55 Service Rifle is perhaps the most well-known for its three-round burst-fire mode. In Halo season 2, episode 4, “Reach,” John-117 (Schreiber) and Riz-028 (Natasha Culzac) both use the Battle Rifle to mow down invading Covenant forces. Thanks to the weapon, the Silver Team Spartans take out Elites with both ease and precision — even without Master Chief’s Spartan Armor. As the episode progresses, it becomes clear that the Halo TV show’s version of the Battle Rifle is fully automatic.

‘s BR55 has several nicknames, including ”
Monkey Wrench
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” and ”
Big Boy.

While the fully automatic fire mode isn’t unheard of when it comes to the BR55 Service Rifle’s settings, it’s a somewhat surprising default choice for the show. The mid-to-long range weapon is capable of three fire modes: semi-automatic, fully automatic, and the iconic three-round burst-fire mode (via Halopedia). Although the latter is the most popular fire mode — one that defines the Battle Rifle — TV’s Halo opts to replicate the weapon’s appearance while leaning into the gun’s fully automatic capabilities. In all likelihood, the automatic setting makes for more thrilling action set-pieces.


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Different Versions Of Halo’s Battle Riffle Appear Throughout The Franchise

Master Chief (Pablo Schreiber) takes out an Elite with a battle rife in Halo season 2

Even during Halo 2‘s E3 2004 multiplayer alpha demo, the Battle Riffle was shown firing in semi-auto mode. Still, it’s the three-round burst sound and feel that remains iconic. Of course, not every version of Halo‘s Battle Rifle is created equally. Halo 3 downgraded the series’ staple, while Halo 4 provided a more futuristic take on the classic rifle. Halo 5‘s BR85N Service Rifle, meanwhile, essentially turns the beloved gun into a burst-fire assault rifle. While Halo Infinite‘s BR75 returned the weapon to its roots, Halo season 2 proves there’s no definitive take on the Battle Rifle.

Sources: Halopedia, Halo Encyclopedia

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