“He’s Why I Exist”: Captain America Answers a MAJOR MCU Question that Justifies His Endgame Fate


  • Steve Rogers will always be Captain America until Red Skull’s fascist ideals are eradicated for good.
  • Red Skull’s extreme fascism makes him Cap’s greatest nemesis, pushing Steve to never rest in his mission.
  • Steve’s retirement in Endgame is justified by the fact that MCU’s Red Skull is truly gone, allowing him to complete his mission.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for Avengers: Twilight #5!A major lingering question from the MCU has officially been answered by Captain America, justifying his ending in Avengers: Endgame. While the blockbuster 2019 conclusion to the Infinity Saga has been heralded as one of the best films of the MCU, the decision to have Steve Rogers go back in time and reunite with Peggy has been fairly divisive among fans. However, a new revelation in the comics shows that he would never give up his title without being sure the world is safe from Red Skull and his fascist ideologies that led to Cap’s creation in the first place.

In Avengers: Twilight #5 by Chip Zdarsky and Daniel Acuña, Steve finds himself fighting against a resurrected Red Skull in the midst of a government takeover that would see fascism solidified in America. While taking on a wave of Red Skull’s soldiers, he takes a moment to reflect on the gravity of the situation. He realizes that these troops are merely following his nemesis’ orders and doing what they believe is the right thing, their “minds warped across decades by a Nazi.” It’s this realization that makes him notice that Red Skull is the reason why he exists and “can’t die just yet.”

As long as Red Skull is capable of spreading his fascist ideas to others, Steve will always be Captain America. If Red Skull is incapable of doing this, Steve sees that as a sign that he can finally rest and do as he pleases, knowing his mission is complete.

Captain America Exists To Defeat Red Skull’s Message

Captain America Faces Red Skull in Avengers: Twilight

While fascism will never truly die as long as there are people who seek absolute authority, Steve’s observation of the Red Skull hints that he is the rawest form of evil incarnate. Red Skull has been shown for decades to be one of the most diabolical villains in Marvel history. The fact that he even plotted to kill Hitler just to impose a more extreme version of fascism shows that Steve is right to not leave the world he’s saving behind until Red Skull is finally either dead or completely unable to cause people further harm. Red Skull will always be his greatest nemesis because the two represent polar opposite political viewpoints, and he will not rest until the Hydra villain is stopped for good.

Steve’s Retirement Confirms the MCU’s Red Skull is Truly Gone

Old Steve Rogers Captain America Scene in Avengers Endgame

It’s clear that Steve’s choice in Endgame to return to his time and live out his days with Peggy isn’t made haphazardly as fans might believe. He actually has all the time he needed to think it through, especially after encountering Red Skull on Vormir to return the Soul Stone. While audiences don’t get to see this interaction, it’s safe to say Captain America sees his former nemesis on another planet entirely, enduring decades of solitude with no escape. This would cause a massive shift in anyone’s personality, and it’s likely that when Steve encounters this version of Red Skull, he realizes that the person he knew in the 1940s is gone. Instead, Red Skull has become what the Russo Brothers see as a version of Yoda, as he is older and wiser role and has left his Earth ideologies behind him.

With Hydra exposed on Earth for everyone to see, and the Red Skull that Steve knew truly gone, this allows Cap an opportunity to return to where he once was before being frozen in the ice. It’s a major choice to make, since he’s abandoning the friends he makes in the future. However, after seeing what Red Skull has become and his fascist views clearly being squashed by decades of solitude on Vormir, the conditions Cap lays out in Avengers: Twilight #5 are met. Steve knows his mission as Captain America is complete, allowing him to retire at the end of Endgame and putting his MCU story to bed with all loose ends tied up.

Avengers: Twilight #5 (2024)

Avengers: Twilight #5 Cover Art Featuring Hawkeye

  • Writer: Chip Zdarsky
  • Artist: Daniel Acuña
  • Letterer: VC’s Joe Caramagna
  • Cover Artists: Alex Ross & Daniel Acuña

Avengers: Twilight

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