Invincible’s J.K. Simmons Makes His Pick For Who Should Play A Live-Action Omni-Man


  • J. K. Simmons thinks Hugh Jackman should play Omni-Man in the live-action
    movie due to his physical build, maturity, gravitas, and versatility.
  • Simmons’ disinterest in playing Omni-Man raises the likelihood of a new actor being cast in the live-action adaptation.
  • Age could be a problem for casting Omni-Man as the live-action movie is still in development, and it’s essential to start production before top choices age out.

J. K. Simmons reveals his pick for who should play Omni-Man in the live-action Invincible movie. Simmons voices the Viltrumite in Prime Video’s critically acclaimed Invincible animated series, which is based on the comic book series of the same name. The show follows Omni-Man’s son, Mark (Steven Yeun), who discovers he is half-Viltrumite and must decide what kind of superhero he wants to be. Since before the animated series premiered, a live-action comic book adaptation has also been in the works, raising interest in how the live cast will compare to the animated voice cast.

While speaking exclusively to Screen Rant, Simmons addressed who he thinks should play his Invincible character in live-action. First, Simmons essentially shut down the idea of playing the live-action role himself, noting that he didn’t want a “70-year-old Omni-Man” in the movie. Next, he revealed that Hugh Jackman was the one actor who popped into his head for the role. Although he’s uncertain if Jackman would be interested, he explained that the actor’s physical build, maturity, gravitas, and versatility make him a strong choice. Check out his statement below:

Well, we’ve seen how jacked I could get 8 or 9 years ago, and since I have not dipped into the marvel of modern medical science in efforts to get jacked, I just eat protein and lift weights, I don’t think a 70-year-old Omni-Man is what I would want to see in the movie. I’m not going to lie, you’re not the first person to ask this question, and the first time I kind of fumbled around for a minute, and then I thought ‘Oh, Hugh Jackman.’

I have no idea if he would be remotely open to the idea, but I think there’s a kind of maturity and gravitas to Hugh. But he’s enough of a genetically blessed brick poop house of a dude, and enough younger than I am, and you know, a really wonderful and versatile actor that if I was casting it, that’d be my first call. This is completely me off the top of my head, and I hope I’m not annoying any of the people who are actually going to be doing that job.

Who Should Play Omni-Man in the Invincible Live-Action Adaptation?

Updates on the live-action Invincible adaptation have been few and far between since it was confirmed in 2017. Hence, Simmons’ brief insight on the project is welcomed. One of the biggest questions is whether any of the voice cast will reprise their roles in live-action. While no casting is confirmed, Simmons’ disinterest in Omni-Man raises the likelihood of a new actor being cast. Additionally, even if he’s not in a lead role, Simmons could still cameo and be reunited with Yeun, who is rumored to appear in some capacity in live-action.


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Meanwhile, the statement is also sure to renew fan casting for the Invincible live-action roles. After all, Jackman is quite an interesting choice to add to the discussion, especially since he’s Simmons’ top choice. Jackman is a solid candidate, given his experience in the superhero genre. He has portrayed the fierce X-Men team member, Wolverine, for two decades now. It’s unclear if he’d be interested, given he was once ready to retire from the Wolverine role. While Jon Hamm has been a top choice for the role, Jackman could undoubtedly pull off Omni-Man’s intimidating presence and brutal methods.

However, as Simmons noted, age could be a problem when it comes to Omni-Man in the Invincible adaptation. While Omni-Man is technically thousands of years old, his Viltrumite heritage makes him look no older than 50 and gives him incredible strength and athleticism. While Jackman is younger than Simmons, it’s unclear how long the live-action movie will take. The movie has been confirmed to still be in development, but very little progress has been reported. Hopefully, production on the live-action Invincible gets underway before the top picks for Omni-Man age out of the role.

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