Mike Flanagan’s 87% Rotten Tomatoes Horror TV Show Proves He’s Perfect For This Video Game Adaptation


  • Mike Flanagan’s impressive horror storytelling makes him a perfect fit to adapt video games to TV.
  • Silent Hill’s eerie small-town setting aligns well with Flanagan’s atmospheric storytelling style.
  • Both Midnight Mass and Silent Hill explore themes of forgiveness and human struggles, making them a thematic match.

One Mike Flanagan show with an impressive 87% Rotten Tomatoes score proves he should helm a video game adaptation. Most Mike Flanagan movies and shows have either adopted original storylines or drawn inspiration from the works of renowned horror authors like Edgar Allan Poe, Stephen King, Shirley Jackson, and Henry James. Since the horror auteur has never tried his hand at adapting video games, the mere possibility of him traversing a video game to the small screen someday has always been exciting.

Although Mike Flanagan has not actively expressed interest in bringing new life to existing video games through television or movie adaptations, the director’s knack for horror storytelling suggests that he would not mind venturing into the world of game adaptations. Since Flanagan has an impressive record of delivering one hit show after another, he would also likely do justice to whichever video game he decides to adapt. However, considering his work in one highly acclaimed Netflix show, it is hard not to see him as the perfect fit for a classic Konami horror game adaptation.


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Midnight Mass Proves Mike Flanagan Would Perfectly Adapt A Silent Hill Show

Silent Hill Has All The Ingredients For A Compelling Mike Flanagan Series

While most Mike Flanagan horror shows are atmospheric and set in isolated locations, Midnight Mass makes these elements even more potent by unfolding its narrative on a quaint island. Silent Hill may not be set on an island, but, like Midnight Mass, its small-town setting is instrumental to the core plot lines in its narrative. Flanagan’s ability to make audiences feel the sense of claustrophobia that characters like Riley and Erin feel after returning home to their island town proves that he would perfectly capture Silent Hill‘s eerie, smal- town ambiance.

Since Mike Flanagan, too, often relies on immersive storytelling to scare audiences instead of featuring one shallow jump scare after another, he would do justice to the
Silent Hill

Unlike most horror games of its time, Silent Hill primarily focused more on presenting a poignant story instead of impressing players with its action. All Silent Hill games have a fair share of jump-scapes, but some of the scariest moments in the first few Silent Hill games stem from the psychological elements of their overarching narratives and gameplay. For instance, the most emotionally scarring moment in Silent Hill is arguably when Harry witnesses Lisa Garland slowly succumb to her tragic fate.

Since Mike Flanagan, too, often relies on immersive storytelling to scare audiences instead of featuring one shallow jump scare after another, he would do justice to the Silent Hill games. The Silent Hill games do not have a lot of character monologs. However, Mike Flanagan could also add a tinge of his storytelling style to the games’ narratives by featuring hard-hitting monologs from characters like James Sunderland, Harry Mason, and Heather.

Midnight Mass & Silent Hill Share Many Thematic Similarities

Both Have Religious Undertones

Although Midnight Mass dabbles with several different themes and narratives, its core message revolves around one’s struggles with forgiveness. While some characters, like Zach Gilford’s Riley and Kate Siegel’s Erin, struggle to forgive themselves because of their past decisions, others, like Annarah Cymone’s Leeza, find it hard to forgive those who hurt them. The theme of forgiveness is also prevalent in the Silent Hill games. Like Midnight Mass’ Riley, Silent Hill 2‘s James Sunderland is haunted by the guilt of murdering a loved one and struggles to forgive himself.

In both the show and the games, the humans turn out to be the real demons, grappling with their past traumas and moral dilemmas.

Unlike Midnight Mass, Silent Hill does not explicitly mention Christianity or any other real-world religions. However, similar to the Mike Flanagan show, it uses religion as a narrative device to highlight the terrifying consequences of blind faith and how it leads to one’s moral corruption. Not to mention, despite featuring scary supernatural monsters, both Midnight Mass and Silent Hill are primarily driven by their human characters and their internal struggles. In both the show and the games, the humans turn out to be the real demons, grappling with their past traumas and moral dilemmas.

Silent Hill 1 Poster

Silent Hill

The game that started it all, Silent Hill, is the first title released in the Silent Hill Franchise in 1993 for the original PlayStation console. Silent Hill defied conventions by putting combat in the background and giving players control of Harry Mason, a man with no combat training searching for his adopted daughter in the mysterious town of Silent Hill. Harry’s arrival in the town is disorienting, and he soon discovers the town is home to a cult trying to revive a dark deity they believe will bring the world to order.

February 23, 1999

Team Silent

Survival Horror


How Long To Beat

After Fallout and TLOU, Silent Hill Also Deserves A Worthy TV Adaptation

It’s The Perfect Time For A Silent Hill TV Show

James Sunderland, in the Silent Hill 2 remake teaser trailer, peeking through the blinds in the door of a closet.

Like the first few Silent Hill games, even Fallout and The Last of Us received more acclaim for their narrative elements than their action. Owing to this, it is not surprising that both Fallout and The Last of Us have traversed so well to the small screen. Efforts have previously been made to adapt the Silent Hill games in the past. Unfortunately, none of the movie adaptations captured the essence of Silent Hill‘s themes and atmosphere quite like the games.

Silent Hill Movie Title

Rotten Tomatoes Critics Score

Silent Hill (2006)


Silent Hill: Revelation (2012)


The first Silent Hill movie deserves some credit for its harrowing visuals and multi-dimensional portrayal of the central town. However, its limited runtime prevented it from exploring the rich lore and character beats the Silent Hill games bring to the table. Since shows have longer runtimes, a Silent Hill television series, driven by Mike Flanagan‘s slow-burn approach, could perfectly encapsulate the original games’ intricate stories and atmosphere.

A new
Silent Hill
movie, titled
Return to Silent Hill
, is adapting
Silent Hill 2
and has been in the works for since 2023. However, no official announcements about its release window have been made yet.

Midnight Mass

Created and directed by Mike Flanagan, Midnight Mass follows the residents of an isolated fishing community whose lives are changed by the sudden appearance of a charismatic new priest, Father Paul Hill (Hamish Linklater). The residents of Crockett Island struggle to eke out a meager living, just barely surviving off the mainland, but the appearance of Hill changes everything. Attendance at the local church is at an all-time high, but cynical ex-con Riley Flynn doesn’t trust the priest, and sets out to uncover his dark secret.

Kristin Lehman , Matt Biedel , Hamish Linklater , Kate Siegel , Crystal Balint , Annabeth Gish , Alex Essoe , Samantha Sloyan , Henry Thomas , Rahul Abburi , Rahul Kohli , Robert Longstreet , Annarah Cymone , Zach Gilford , Michael Trucco , Igby Rigney

Release Date
September 24, 2021