“No More Humans”: Professor X Is Officially A Worse Villain Than Magneto Ever Was


  • Xavier has become a villain, betraying the X-Men by siding with Orchis to genocide all humans on Earth.
  • His deal with Nimrod to wipe out humanity to save Krakoa shows Xavier’s descent into true monsterhood.
  • Xavier’s actions, including causing a nuclear explosion, may lead to him being the mysterious “Prisoner X.”

Warning: contains spoilers for Fall of the House of X #4Professor Xavier has officially lost the plot. Betraying his precious X-Men, the former leader of Marvel’s premiere mutant superhero team has now chosen to side with Orchis and genocide all Homo sapiens on planet Earth. Transformed into a greater monster than his close friend Magneto ever was, Xavier goes fully off the deep end in Fall of the House of X #4, as Krakoa’s tragic fall reaches a dramatic conclusion.

Xavier has already become quite the “villain” throughout the Krakoan Era, lying and manipulating his way through the Quiet Council and his close peers, while pretending to be the righteous hero he has always purported to be.

Fall of the House of X #4, from writer Gerry Duggan with artists Jethro Morales and Lucas Werneck, sees the X-Men finally beginning their true battle, against the rogue AI contingent of Orchis that has had all of humanity fooled. Shockingly, Xavier reveals to Cyclops that he has made a deal with Nimrod, to allow the AI to slaughter humanity using Sentinel City, so that Krakoa may live.

Fall of the House of X #4 (2024)

Release Date:

April 16th, 2024


Gerry Duggan


Jethro Morales, Lucas Werneck, Bryan Valenza, Travis Lanham

Cover Artist:

Pepe Larraz, Marte Gracia

Variant Covers:

Felipe Massafera, Bryan Hitch, Mahmud Asrar

MY ALLY, MY ENEMY! They say a wounded animal can be the most dangerous kind of animal to face. As the fight between the mutants and Orchis reaches a deadly pitch, a startling revelation rocks the X-Men to their core. The two series that are one come together in one horrible betrayal as the Krakoan Age nears its conclusion!

Xavier Is Becoming The Monster Magneto Always Pretended To Be

Xavier and Magneto

Xavier’s first two plans to save his X-Men, stopping Enigma before it could ever ascend to Dominion status and killing Moira as a child thus erasing the current timeline, have both failed. However, Xavier’s third plan is to resurrect the Phoenix, after it and Jean Grey apparently “died” in the White Hot Room. Yet, Fall of the House of X #4 reveals that Xavier has made a truly awful deal with the Devil, promising Nimrod and Omega Sentinel that he will help them wipe out humanity if they allow Krakoa to continue to exist safely.

It is unclear if betraying everything the X-Men hold dear and siding with their archenemies, is simply a part of Xavier’s grander plan to bring the Phoenix back to fight Enigma, or if the man has truly just given up on any hope of winning against the AI. Magneto’s villainous career began with him acting as an anti-human “terrorist,” but the recent Magneto solo series revealed that the hero mainly pretended to be such a monstrous villain so that the X-Men would have someone to fight, hopefully winning the hearts and minds of humanity in the process. Xavier has proven throughout the Krakoan Era that he is much less ethical than Magneto, and this latest betrayal cements in history his role as a true mutant monster.

Working With Orchis Seals Xavier’s “Prisoner X” Fate

TX-Men relaunch tease

Charles Xavier didn’t just say he was siding with Orchis, he proved his “loyalty” by mind-controlling an officer on the United States’ spaceship Agnew, detonating a payload of nuclear warheads aboard the ship, preventing the ship from destroying Nimrod’s Sentinel City. Of course, the X-Men stopped Sentinel City themselves by teleporting the Peak into the massive weapon structure, but the damage Xavier caused was already done. Previews for the X-Men’s new era have revealed a “Prisoner X,” locked up in the Xavier Institute, and this horrendous action from Charles heavily points to the prisoner being Professor X.

Professor Xavier, if he can even be called that anymore, has proven that he is a threat to both humanity and mutantkind, selfishly selling out the humans of Earth, and the ideals of his X-Men, to potentially save his people. Nothing is worth what Xavier is doing, not even saving the X-Men, and hopefully, his former students will be able to stop him before he harms even more of humanity.

Fall of the House of X #4 from Marvel Comics is available now in stores.