R.L. Stine Shows Why He’s the Master of YA Horror in THE GRAVEYARD CLUB


  • The Graveyard Club
    promises a terrifying tale with a group of teens in a town surrounded by graveyards and sinister red-eyed bats.
  • Fans can expect suspense and horror from R.L. Stine’s new graphic novel series, building on his expertise in young adult horror.
  • With an unsettling setting and an experienced writer like Stine on board,
    The Graveyard Club
    is set up to be a chilling success.

R.L. Stine is a true master of young adult/teen horror, proven true by his many accomplishments in the genre from Fear Street to Goosebumps. And now, the acclaimed author is adding yet another piece of horror fiction to his ever-growing catalog with BOOM! Studios’ upcoming graphic novel, The Graveyard Club.

In a release from BOOM! Studios, it was announced that R.L. Stine is writing an all-new graphic novel series titled The Graveyard Club alongside artist Carola Borelli, the first issue of which will be released in bookstores September 17, 2024, and comic shops September 18, 2024. The announcement included a brief plot summary along with a first-look at two of the covers for the first issue, and a statement from R.L. Stine and Carola Borelli themselves, expressing their excitement about the project.

Enjoy the main cover art for
The Graveyard Club
#1 from artist Miguel Mercado, and a variant cover from artist Martin Simmonds!

R.L. Stine: In The Graveyard Club graphic novels, the teens hang out in the graveyard – because it might be the safest place in town. Their town is surrounded by graveyards. And swarms of red-eyed bats come swooping out every night. And that’s just the BEGINNING of the horror! I’m having a lot of fun with this series!

Carola Borelli: All the best stories start with ‘it was a quiet town where nothing ever happened’ and this one is no different. A group of teenagers and a graveyard are the ingredients for a crazy story that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

This BOOM! Studios announcement also included a telling tag line for the series: “‘The Breakfast Club’ in a graveyard”. And after hearing from the writer and artist themselves, it’s easy to see how that will, indeed, be the case. Based on the brief summary, it seems the teenagers in this quiet town satiate their boredom by hanging around in graveyards and pulling harmless pranks. However, the summary also notes that one prank may have gone a bit too far, and this friend group – and perhaps their whole town – may have to pay a terrifying price.

“There Are More Dead Than The Living”: The Graveyard Club Sets the Stage For a Truly Terrifying Tale

This image is from the cover of R.L. Stine’s
Goosebumps: Most Wanted – Zombie Halloween

Based on what BOOM! Studios revealed about The Graveyard Club, fans have no idea what the true ‘horror’ aspect of the series will be. R.L. Stine mentioned ‘red-eyed bats’, and the announcement made note of a ‘prank gone wrong’, but those points are vague, and potentially misdirection for the sake of maintaining suspense. However, the beauty of The Graveyard Club is that, even without a specific ‘monster’, readers know it will be a truly terrifying tale based purely on the setting alone.

The story takes place in a town that’s surrounded by graveyards, a town so small that “there are more dead than the living”. That is an utterly unsettling location, even if this wasn’t a story that promised untold elements of horror. Just spending time in this small town as a reader will give one chills, which perfectly sets the stage for the horrific storyline that will follow – no matter what that may be.

With almost no specific information about The Graveyard Club aside from mere fragments that have been revealed, readers are already terrified before even opening the first issue – and that’s what truly defines R.L. Stine as a master of horror.

R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps Proves The Graveyard Club Will Be a Terrifying Success

R.L. Stine has written stories featuring every type of ‘monster’ imaginable!

Enjoy the opening to the original
television series, shared by the YouTube account,


Goosebumps: 11 Monsters/Characters That Are Still Scary As Adults

There are several seriously scary monsters and characters in Goosebumps that give even adult audiences the creeps.

While the setting for The Graveyard Club ensures that the story will be scary no matter what the ‘monster’ will be, that’s not the only assurance readers have going into this all-new series. R.L. Stine has written a number of horror novels, with the most iconic and widely praised being Goosebumps – an anthology series that covers a wide array of ghosts, ghouls, and monsters of all kinds.

In other words, R.L. Stine is well-versed in literally every facet of horror, giving readers a sense of trust going into this new series knowing full well that, whatever’s in store for them with The Graveyard Club, it’s going to be extremely well written (and absolutely terrifying).

The Graveyard Club #1 by BOOM! Studios is available in bookstores September 17, 2024, and in comic shops September 18, 2024 – and it’s available to pre-order now.

The Graveyard Club #1 (2024)

Main cover for R.L. Stine's The Graveyard Club featuring teenagers hanging out in a graveyard.

  • Writer: R.L. Stine
  • Artist: Carola Borelli
  • Cover Artist: Miguel Mercado

Source: BOOM! Studios

Source: ManicManuel/YouTube