Solo Leveling Confirms How Jinwoo’s Powers Have Changed Him Forever

Warning: Contains spoilers for episode #7 of Solo Leveling.


  • Jinwoo’s newfound powers have already changed him for good, reflecting on his evolving morality.
  • In the latest episode, Jinwoo shows no regrets about defeating the corrupt hunters, hinting at a massive shift in character from meek to ruthless.
  • Jinwoo will only become more cold and calculating, signaling a definitive shift in his character arc.

Although Sung Jinwoo’s climb to the top in Solo Leveling has only just begun, the latest episode hints his newfound powers may have already changed him for good. Jinwoo’s unfortunate encounter with Hwang Dongsuk’s party in episode #6 marks a turning point for his character as the system forces Jinwoo to kill a human for the first time and the anime adds even more depth to this pivotal moment.

Episode #7 of Solo Leveling explores Jinwoo’s changing morality as he continues to level up and get stronger. Jinwoo reflects on the events of the previous raid where he single-handedly wiped out Hwang Dongsuk and his raid party for betraying him and notes how the system has seemingly made him bolder.

Interestingly, Jinwoo also notices how he resented his opponents for underestimating him and feels no regret for what he has done, claiming he would do it again to ensure his survival and the protection of his family. Although the scene is absent in the manhwa, it is a genius addition that showcases Jinwoo’s evolving moral compass as he transitions from a meek E-rank hunter to a cold, shrewd hunter.


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Jinwoo Surprisingly Reflects on His Recent Actions

Jinwoo looking down looking thoughtful in Solo Leveling

In the latest episode, Jinah asks if Jinwoo’s raid party during the last raid was particularly strong, noticing that he didn’t come back as injured as usual to which Jinwoo agrees. Jinah goes on to note that it must have been easy to defeat the bad guys then. This forces Jinwoo to reflect on the real bad guys in the dungeon, who weren’t the monsters, but rather, the hunters themselves.

Jinwoo reflects on the power gap between him and the other hunters and agrees with Jinah that it was easy, noticing that he did not hesitate when the time came to defend himself, as the old him would have simply run away. In fact, Jinwoo thinks about how he hated Hwang Dongsuk and the other corrupt raid members for thinking they even stood a chance against him, which shows just how much Jinwoo’s new abilities and his experience in the Double Dungeon have fundamentally changed him.

Jinwoo Will Only Become More Ruthless

Sung Jinwoo fighting the spider boss

As interesting as it was to see Jinwoo introspect, one cannot help but wish that the series had delved further into his moral anguish instead of him immediately dismissing the weight of his actions. Either way, the latest events signal a definitive shift in Jinwoo’s character arc and represent the change not only in his strength and abilities but also in his mentality. Solo Leveling is already a massive hit among fans and Jinwoo will only get more ruthless and calculating from here on out, which is sure to make the rest of his escapades in Solo Leveling all the more addictive to watch.

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