Sorry Batman: 1 Underrated Hero’s Legacy Is Destined to Save Gotham


  • In the latest
    Detective Comics
    arc, taking place in the future of DC’s timeline, Batman’s legacy is threatened as the villainous Orgham family has used magic to make Gotham forget him, with only Cassandra Cain fighting to keep the Dark Knight’s memory alive, by continuing his war on crime.
  • Despite Batman’s memory being erased from people’s minds, the legacies of other DC characters, Vic Sage and Lady Shiva, are carried on by Gotham heroes Renee Montoya and Cassandra Cain, who echo history by teaming up.
  • Vic Sage, the original Question, and Lady Shiva, a deadly assassin, teamed up several times in past DC stories, and now their heirs are working together in the pages of
    Detective Comics

Warning! Contains Spoilers For Detective Comics #1082!

The legacy of Batman’s tireless fight to protect Gotham from darkness is vital to the city’s future. That said more DC Universe characters than just the Caped Crusader have left their mark on its streets – as a pair of second-generation heroes preserve the influence of two surprising characters on Gotham’s long-term prospests.

In the pages of Detective Comics #1082, Gotham has begun to forget Batman, due to the Orgham family’s dark magic. Even characters like Renee Montoya and Jim Gordon’s memories of the man they used to work alongside are slipping – but one person who doesn’t forget is Cassandra Cain.

While Cass can’t remember Batman perfectly, she continues with his war on crime, keeping his legacy alive. Beyond that, by working with Renee Montoya, they further the legacies of two other characters: Vic Sage and Lady Shiva.


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Renee Ponders The Legacy Of Gotham

Detective Comics #1082 – By Ram V, Riccardo Federici, & Stefano Raffaele

One of the major aspects of Gotham City that writer Ram V has defined during his run on
Detective Comics
is the idea that Gotham is stuck repeating itself.

While Cassandra Cain is certainly an important part of Batman’s legacy, there is more to her story. Cassandra is also the daughter of Lady Shiva. This makes her just as much part of Shiva’s legacy as Batman’s. Renee likewise carries on the legacy of Vic Sage, DC’s first Question. Lady Shiva and Vic Sage’s lives became intertwined when she very nearly killed him while working for a mob boss. Instead of finishing the job, she saved him, and helped train him in combat, hoping he’d eventually become strong enough to kill her.

Vic and Shiva would interact a few times over the years, and now that history carries on in their apprentices. One of the major aspects of Gotham City that writer Ram V has defined during his run on Detective Comics is the idea that Gotham is stuck repeating itself. Over the years, variants of Two-Face, and the Joker, and Batman have all shown up in one way or another to haunt Gotham. This seems to extend to other characters as well. Vic Sage and Lady Shiva used to work as partners, and now Cassandra Cain and Renee Montoya are working together.

Renee And Cass’s Relationship Reflects Their Mentors’ Partnership

Vic Sage And Lady Shiva Meet For The First Time

The ones trying to erase Batman from memory, the Orgham family, were terrified that their legacy in Gotham City was being forgotten, due to the destruction of Arkham Asylum. Because of this, they have begun doing everything they can to cement their legacy, while erasing any others. This led the Orgham family to directly attack Batman’s legacy, trying to erase it from the minds of Gotham citizens. While they seem to have largely succeeded in this, it’s not just Batman’s memory that is dangerous to them, as proven by Renee Montoya and Cassandra Cain recreating a long forgotten legacy of their own.

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Detective Comics #1082 (2024)

Detective Comics #1082 main cover, a crowd of strangely costumed characters stand in front of a stone tower.

  • Writer: Ram V
  • Artist: Riccardo Federici and Stefano Raffaele
  • Colorist: Lee Loughridge
  • Letterer: Ariana Maher
  • Cover Artist: Evan Cagle