Sweet Home Season 3 Theory Makes Song Kang’s Hyun-su Even More Tragic


  • Hyun-su might have to choose between humans and monsters in Sweet Home season 3.
  • Hyun-su believes monsters shouldn’t be hunted and faces a complex moral dilemma.
  • Season 3 will likely bring tragic challenges for Hyun-su as he faces important decisions.

A plausible Sweet Home season 3 theory indicates that Hyun-su’s character arc will only get more tragic. Song Kang leads the cast of Sweet Home as Hyun-su, who becomes contaminated with a monster curse at the beginning of season 1 and has to learn how to control it. Hyung-su’s status as a neo-human set the narrative for his story in season 2, which saw Song Kang’s character protecting his friends from afar while battling Ui-myeong. However, as the stakes continue to increase, Sweet Home season 3 might see Hyun-su having to make an impossible decision.

The lack of Hyun-su in Sweet Home season 2 may have been disappointing, but it helped convey that the character has too much to deal with. Hyun-su cannot just live with his friends at the stadium, especially now that Ui-myeong is putting together an operation to have neo-humans take over the world. Hyun-su has tried to do the right thing from the start, but Sweet Home season 2’s ending proves that the line between right and wrong on the show has never been blurrier. Described as a “grand finale,” Sweet Home season 3 could be the show’s saddest yet.

Hyun-su Has To Choose Between Humans & Monsters In Sweet Home 3: Theory Explained

Hyun-su is the “chosen one” in Sweet Home

Sweet Home season 3 might put Song Kang’s Hyun-su in a difficult position where he will have to choose between humans or monsters. As a “neo-human,” Hyun-su does not exactly fit in either category. On the one hand, Hyun-su has the monster curse and can transform parts of his body at any time. He sometimes also loses control and gives in to his monster alter, who is far less friendly than Hyun-su’s original personality. On the other hand, Hyun-su never lost his humanity and has kept his agency despite having the monster curse.

If the time comes when Hyun-su has to choose between sideling with humans or monsters, it’s difficult to predict which side he will choose.

Therefore, while Hyun-su can live as a human alongside his friends, he can also be perceived as a threat by those who want to exterminate all monsters. The tension between humans and monsters will only increase in Sweet Home season 3 now that the number of neo-humans is growing. With characters like Ui-myeong trying to create a world dominated by neo-humans, the military may want to end this war once and for all. As the main character of the show, Hyun-su would certainly be in the middle of this conflict.

Sweet Home Season 3 Main Cast



Cha Hyun-su

Song Kang

Lee Eun-hyeok

Lee Do-hyun

Pyeon Sang-wook

Lee Jin-wook

Seo Yi-kyung

Lee Si-young

Lee Eun-yu

Go Min-si

Private Park Chan-yeong


Master Sergeant Tak In-hwan

Yoo Oh-seong

Dr. Lim

Oh Jung-se

Sweet Home has made it clear from the beginning that Hyun-su is special. While it is unclear whether there were any neo-humans before Hyun-su, he was the first character on the show to get contaminated with the curse and not fully transform into a monster. Hyun-su may be the “chosen one” who will have to find the balance between humans and monsters in season 3. However, the chances of a peaceful outcome for this conflict are not too high based on how season 2 ended. Humans want to destroy all monsters, whereas neo-humans like Ui-myeong want to take over.

Ui-myeong is currently inhabiting Sang-wook’s boody.

Hyun-su Already Showed He Cares About The Other Monsters In Sweet Home

Hyun-su believes monsters should be protected too

If the time comes when Hyun-su has to choose between sideling with humans or monsters, it’s difficult to predict which side he will choose. While Hyun-su will always stand up for his friends, particularly the ones from the Green Home who are still alive, he has shown to care about the lives of monsters – even the ones who have fully transformed. According to Hyun-su, a monster should never be hunted just for being a monster. Hyun-su believes that, unless the creature is trying to hurt someone, they have the same right to live as humans do.


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Sweet Home season 2 explored the morality of the conflict between humans and monsters. For example, Sargeant Taki refuses to kill an infant monster, even though he seems ready to do whatever it takes to complete his mission. Interestingly, Sargeant Taki was revealed to be a monster himself, which added another layer to his decision not to kill that creature earlier in the season. Hyun-su does not agree with Ui-myeong’s vision of a world controlled by neo-humans, yet he does not believe in hunting all monsters either. This creates an interesting dilemma for the character.

Hyun-su’s Sweet Home Story Has Been Incredibly Tragic So Far

Hyun-su has gone through a lot in Sweet Home

Hyun-su crying in Sweet Home season 2, episode 8

Hyun-su having to choose between humans and monsters in season 3 would make his story even more tragic than it already is. Sweet Home starts with Hyun-su moving to the Green Home building after losing all of his family in a car accident. Hyun-su was about to take his own life when he met Eun-yu in season 1, after which the monster outbreak started. Shortly after the monsters began to appear, Hyun-su realized he was infected too. From then on, Hyun-su has had to coexist with an evil version of himself who takes over whenever he loses control.

Sweet Home
season 3 poses many challenges for Hyun-su, who will have to make a lot of important decisions before the series ends.

Song Kang’s Hyun-su barely appeared in season 2 because the character spent more than a year away from his friends. Hyun-su never went to the stadium with the other survivors and instead lived out in the open. During this time, he reunited with Yi-kyung and even helped take care of her daughter. Hyun-su grew close to Yi-kyung’s daughter and tried to help the girl control her powers, which did not work. Yi-kyung’s daughter in Sweet Home has become a threat to herself and others, almost causing her mother’s death in season 2’s tragic finale.

Humans Or Monsters: What Will Hyun-su Choose In Sweet Home Season 3?

The world’s fate may lie in Hyun-su’s decision

Eun-hyeok, Eun-yu, and Hyun-su walking together in Sweet Home season 3

With Ui-myeong becoming more and more powerful, Hyun-su might be humanity’s last hope to stop the villain from creating a world dominated by the monster curse. However, things might not be so simple. The first official Sweet Home season 3 clip suggests that Hyun-su and Eun-yu will have to work with Ui-myeong for some reason, which could put them on a collision course against the military. Dr. Lim is also working for Ui-myeong now, most likely against his will, making the villain even more dangerous.

It must also be noted that Eun-hyuk, who many thought was dead, returned at the end of season 2. Eun-hyuk is now a neo-human as well, which complicates things for Hyun-su and Eun-yi. If Eun-hyuk is not in control of his powers, Lee Do-hyun’s character could be a villain in season 3. Lastly, Hyun-su will have to find a way to stop Yi-kyung’s daughter, who has too much power and sees every human as a threat to her. Sweet Home season 3 poses many challenges for Hyun-su, who will have to make a lot of important decisions before the series ends.

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