T’Challa the Vampire: Black Panther Gets a Terrifying New Form as He Uncovers Wakanda’s Secret History


  • Marvel’s “Black Panther: Blood Hunt” features the exiled former king of Wakanda, Black Panther, transformed into a bloodsucking vampire.
  • T’Challa will struggle to balance his thirst for blood with his love for his people while uncovering dark secrets of Wakanda’s past.
  • The series introduces new villains inspired by real African mythology and legends and tests T’Challa’s connection to the Panther God.

Marvel’s next major crossover is just around the corner, and no hero is safe from the terrors of the Blood Hunt, as the exiled former king of Wakanda – the Black Panther – is transformed into a bloodsucker in Black Panther: Blood Hunt. Forced to reconcile his overwhelming thirst for blood and his intense love for his people, T’Challa will need to confront the dark secrets of Wakanda’s past and new villains inspired by real African mythology.

King T’Challa was ousted from his throne, and exiled from his beloved country, at the end of Black Panther Vol. 8, and has spent his time since operating as a street-level vigilante in Wakanda and also fighting alongside the Avengers.

Black Panther: Blood Hunt, from writer Cheryl Lynn Eaton and artist Farid Karama with covers by Andrew Sorrentino, is a 3-part tie-in series spinning out of the larger Blood Hunt event that will see T’Challa return to Wakanda’s capitol city for the first time since his exile… sporting a monstrous new vampire form. Marvel’s announcement reveals this about the upcoming series:

BLACK PANTHER: BLOOD HUNT sees the recently exiled T’Challa finally returning to Wakanda’s capital city. Only he now serves a different nation entirely: the vampire nation! One of the vampire’s first—but certainly not last—victims, T’Challa finds himself caught in a soul-crushing struggle between protecting his people from his new brothers and satisfying his new overpowering thirst for blood.

Threatening his legacy as king as well as his deep connection with the Panther God, T’Challa reluctantly embarks on a quest from the vampire overlord to find an ancient power. In the process, he’ll unearth long-buried secrets about Wakanda’s own secret history with creatures of the night as Eaton and Karami introduce new blood-sucking villains inspired by real African legend and mythology.

Marvel Confirms That T’Challa Will Be Transformed Into A Vampire

Black Panther Vol 4 #13 cover

Marvel’s reveal of Black Panther: Blood Hunt teases some major details about the highly anticipated event, namely the fact that heroes like Black Panther, and presumably others, will be transformed into vampires and join the vampire nation. T’Challa has a long history with the vampires of Marvel, fighting armies of vampires in 2005’s Black Panther Vol. 4 as well as battling within the vampire Civil War as part of the Avengers in 2018’s Avengers Vol. 8. Black Panther prides himself on his control and calm, meaning the bloodthirst he will experience as a vampire will be particularly destabilizing for the hero.

Speaking on what the Black Panther will experience in Blood Hunt, writer Eates had this to say:

“Long live the king! Literally! While T’Challa has always been the height of human excellence, steering such a legendary character as he navigates a supernatural battlefield populated with gods and monsters—all while adapting to a form and newfound powers unfamiliar to him—has been a treat,” Eaton said. “T’Challa’s royal status is not just Wakandan in nature, but vampiric as well. And I can’t wait to explore both of those bloodlines. No pun intended!”

Blood Hunt will see a coordinated assault on humanity from regular vampires and a team of superpowered bloodsuckers, and T’Challa will be one of their first victims, forced to adapt to incredible new powers, form, and an uncontrollable desire for blood. While it is unclear if other Wakandans, like Black Panther’s beloved sister Shuri, have also been turned into vampires, T’Challa still feels immense responsibility for the safety of his people and country. Black Panther will do whatever is in his power to prevent the Wakandan people from becoming murderous monsters like himself, but is also now beholden to his bloodsucking “brothers.”

Black Panther Must Uncover Dark Secrets Of Wakanda’s Past

Black Panther Vol 4 #13 killing vampires

Pushed into a quest by T’Challa’s mysterious new vampire overlord, searching for an ancient Wakandan power, Black Panther will need to confront Wakanda’s past, his heroic legacy, and their connection to “creatures of the night.” Excitingly, Black Panther will need to contend with a “supernatural battlefield” as he faces entirely new vampiric and demonic threats inspired by real-world African mythology and legends, deepening the lore of both Wakanda and the Black Panther. T’Challa’s long-standing connection to the Panther God will also be tested by his new vampiric identity, and there is a chance his bloodthirst could change their relationship forever.

From Andrew Sorrentino’s terrifying cover to Marvel revealing there will be “Red Band” editions of Blood Hunt, there is no doubt that the vibe of Black Panther’s spin-off will be dark, deadly, and filled with blood. Black Panther will do whatever he must to protect the people of Wakanda, even after being transformed into a bloodsucking vampire who serves a mysterious dark lord.

Source: Marvel Entertainment