The Accountant 2 Filming Start Confirmed With First BTS Photo


  • A new social media post confirms that
    The Accountant 2
    has officially started filming.
  • Ben Affleck is set to reprise his role as Christian Wolff in the sequel directed by Gavin O’Connor.
  • The original movie was a hit, and original cast members are expected to return in the sequel.

The Accountant 2 officially starts filming, with a new behind-the-scenes photo commemorating the occasion. Released in 2016, The Accountant stars Ben Affleck as Christian Wolff, an autistic numbers whizz who helps criminal organizations keep their activities looking legal. The movie was a hit, and Affleck is confirmed to be reuniting with director Gavin O’Connor for a sequel, which eventually landed at Prime Video.

In a recent post on Instagram, Artists Equity, Affleck and Matt Damon’s production company, confirms that The Accountant 2 filming has now officially begun. Check out the image below:

The adventure starts now…first day of principal production on #TheAccountant2. Here we go!” the post’s caption says. The image is of the interior of a house, and the context of the scene being filmed is not yet clear.

What To Expect From The Accountant 2

Affleck Isn’t The Only Star From The Original Expected To Return

While no story information has been revealed about the sequel, The Accountant‘s ending could provide some indication of what’s to come. The film ends with Wolff and his brother, Brax (Jon Bernthal) having reconciled, setting up a story with the two of them as allies instead of enemies. Medina (Cynthia Addai-Robinson) takes up King’s (J.K. Simmons) position after he retires, and she reluctantly agrees to accept tips from Wolff about money laundering schemes, despite reservations about his violent lifestyle.

As for The Accountant 2‘s cast, the sequel is confirmed to feature the return of a handful of characters from the original. Unfortunately, however, it’s not looking like Anna Kendrick will be reprising her role as Dana Cummings. Dana played an integral role in the first film after noticing that her company, Living Robotics, was cooking its books. The end of the previous film does give Dana a happy ending, though, with Wolf having gifted her an original Jackson Pollock painting. Check out the sequel’s confirmed returning cast (so far) below:

The Accountant 2 Character


Ben Affleck

Christian Wolff

Jon Bernthal

Braxton Wolff

Marybeth Medina

Cynthia Addai-Robinson

Ray King

J.K. Simmons

In one major change from the original, The Accountant 2 will be getting a streaming-only release on Prime Video instead of a theatrical bow. Amazon MGM acquired the rights to the upcoming Affleck sequel from Warner Bros. earlier this month, evidently believing the sequel to be a strong streaming draw. It remains to be seen how The Accountant 2 will compare to the original, but with principal photography having now started, the movie is one step closer.

Source: Artists Equity

The Accountant 2 Puzzle Poster Showing Ben Affleck Holding a Gun

The Accountant 2

The Accountant 2 is a sequel to the 2016 crime drama from director Gavin O’Connor. Ben Affleck (Christian Wolff) and Jon Bernthal (Braxton Wolff) return for The Accountant 2, which will continue the story of the two brothers’ complicated relationship.

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