The Bad Batch Finale Could End The Clone Wars Era In The Most Tragic Way


  • Echo’s potential death in The Bad Batch finale mirrors Fives’ tragic demise in The Clone Wars.
  • Killing Echo would symbolically close the book on the Clone Wars era, illustrating a poetic end.
  • Echo’s sacrifice could finally bring closure to his character arc and serve as a significant moment for Clone Force 99, despite how heartbreaking it would be.

The Clone Wars are finally coming to a close in Star Wars: The Bad Batch, and it could end the era in a truly devastating way. The Bad Batch has always served as a continuation of The Clone Wars, as it depicts everything from the aftermath of Order 66 to the fate of the clones under the Empire, and Clone Force 99 is one of the last clone squads still operating. As such, however, it also means The Bad Batch is the final chapter of the war, as the show is quickly approaching its final episode.

The possibility that The Bad Batch ends in tragedy is becoming more and more likely, and some members of Clone Force 99 are more likely to die in the finale than others. While the death of any member would be truly devastating, there’s one clone whose death would be incredibly fitting, and incredibly tragic. Their death would even fit with one of George Lucas’ oldest tentpoles of Star Wars, as it would perfectly reference and complete a major part of The Clone Wars.


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Echo Could Die In The Bad Batch Finale

The Bad Batch Has Hinted Echo’s Story Ends In Tragedy

Echo has had a strange role in recent episodes of The Bad Batch, as he was largely absent, so he could join Captain Rex’s clone rebellion. However, in The Bad Batch season 3, episodes 13 and 14, Echo has become a very valuable member again, which could indicate he has one final role left to play. Echo could die in the finale of The Bad Batch, and the show has been hinting that’s where his story ends. There are even clues outside the show, such as how he wasn’t with Rex in Star Wars Rebels, and how fitting his end would be with The Clone Wars.

Echo From Star Wars the Bad Batch Holding his Helmet in Front of a Clone Army

Echo (CT-1409)

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Dave Filoni

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Echo’s Death Would Perfectly Mirror Fives’ Death In The Clone Wars

The Circumstances Of Fives’ Death Are Very Similar To Echo’s Role In The Latest Episodes

Fives dies in front of Rex as Rex holds his head in Star Wars: The Clone Wars

George Lucas often said Star Wars should rhyme, and the similarities between Fives and Echo would make his death truly poetic.

One of the most dramatic and heartbreaking story arcs in The Clone Wars was Fives’ death. Fives was one of the original members of Domino Squad and Echo’s best friend for much of the Clone Wars. After discovering the clones’ behavioral chips and Palpatine’s plans for Order 66, Fives tried to warn his brothers and the Jedi, but to no avail. Instead, Fives was branded a rogue clone, forced to flee and hide using stolen armor, then killed, dying in Captain Rex’s arms. It made for an incredibly sad ending to his story, and it could be replicated in The Bad Batch.

As social media user maggieinabottle pointed out, Echo’s recent story in The Bad Batch closely parallels Fives’, which might indicate that he’ll die in the show’s finale. Like Fives, Echo is on the run, and he’s using stolen armor to hide from the forces searching for him, which could set up a scene where someone, like Hunter, holds Echo as he dies, just as Rex did for Fives. In a broader sense, Echo’s mission is also similar to Fives’ objective in The Clone Wars, as they’re both fighting to save their fellow clones. George Lucas often said Star Wars should rhyme, and the similarities between Fives and Echo would make his death truly poetic.

Killing Echo Would Put The Clone Wars To Rest Once And For All

Echo Was One Of The First Clones Depicted In The Show, And His Death Could Be A Fitting Ending

Echo in the Bad Batch edited with Domino Squad in Star Wars: The Clone Wars
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If Echo dies, the last domino would fall and poetically sever the connection to the Clone Wars.

Clone Force 99 was involved in the Clone Wars, but Echo is still their most direct connection to that era. The most notable mission they undertook was to save him from Skako Minor. Echo was also one of the most prominent clones in the war, as his first appearance came in just the fifth episode of the show. Since he lived well into the seventh season and beyond, Echo is the last domino left standing. If Echo dies, the last domino would fall and poetically sever the connection to the Clone Wars.

While Echo’s death would be extremely emotionally resonant to both of the groups he’s been part of, it would also mean a lot to his character on a personal level. Echo was supposed to die at the Citadel or on Skako Minor. He’s been living on borrowed time ever since the Bad Batch rescued him, and that time has to run out eventually. It would also end his time with the Batch perfectly: his introduction to the group was being saved by them, and if he decided to sacrifice himself in the finale, his farewell from the group would be saving them, a meaningful role reversal.

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The poetry of Echo’s potential sacrifice doesn’t end there, though. If Echo decides to sacrifice himself, it would also be similar to the Bad Batch’s namesake, 99, who Tech became friends with during his time in The Clone Wars. It would even draw parallels to Tech’s death in The Bad Batch season 2, and be just the most recent addition to a long legacy of clones sacrificing themselves in battle. Echo’s death in the finale of The Bad Batch isn’t guaranteed, but it would perfectly end the era of the Clone Wars.

Bad Batch Season 3 Episode No.

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“Flash Strike”



“The Cavalry Has Arrived”


Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 3 Episodes 1-14 Are Available to Stream on Disney+.

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