The Bear Season 3 Set Photos May Confirm A Tragic Season 2 Ending Theory


  • Tragic theory from season 2’s ending confirmed in new set photos for The Bear season 3.
  • Funeral scene in season 3 hints at Marcus’s mother’s passing, impacting his storyline.

New behind-the-scenes photos from The Bear season 3’s sets seemingly confirm a tragic theory from season 2’s ending. Although The Bear season 2 has a fairly conclusive ending, it intentionally leaves several plot points hanging to set the stage for season 3. For instance, it leaves audiences wondering whether Carmy and Richie will eventually fix their relationship after their fight in The Bear season 2’s finale or let it affect their professional collaboration in the kitchen. Carmy’s relationship with Claire also reaches a standstill, making it hard not to be curious if she will give Carmy another chance.

Sydney succeeds at leading the restaurant’s staff in the finale, even after Carmy gets trapped in the walk-in freezer. However, the anxiety of working in the busy kitchen eventually gets to her. Other characters like Sugar, Pete, and Marcus also get bittersweet endings, paving the way for their season 3 journeys. Since The Bear‘s characters have only gotten started with their restaurant business, they will likely face even bigger challenges in The Bear season 3, and, as the show’s set photos suggest, these challenges may include navigating personal tragedies and setbacks.


The Bear’s “Every Second Counts” Is Deeper Than You Realize

The meaning of “Every Second Counts” in The Bear season 2 may seem obvious. However, as Chef Terry reveals, there is more to it than meets the eye.

A Funeral Scene In The Bear Season 3 Could Mean Marcus’ Biggest Fear Came True

New set photos from The Bear season 3 (via Just Jared) seem to reveal that the FX show’s third installment will have a funeral scene. Towards the end of The Bear season 2, Marcus did an incredible job at handling the pressure of dealing with the customers’ demands on the opening night of the central restaurant. However, in season 2’s finale’s closing moments, as Marcus embraced the “every second counts” sign on the wall of the restaurant’s kitchen, the camera panned at his phone, revealing that he had several missed calls and unseen messages from his mother’s nurse.

Since Marcus’ mother was sick, and he feared for her well-being, some viewers speculated that his mother’s nurse was likely calling him to inform him about how his mother’s condition was suddenly better. Several other viewers, on the other hand, theorized that a sense of urgency was visible in the missed calls and messages, suggesting that Marcus’ biggest fear came true: his mother passed away. Given how the funeral scene from The Bear season 3 hints at a character’s death, it seems likely Marcus lost his mother.

How Marcus’ Mother’s Fate Will Impact His The Bear Season 3 Storyline

Marcus cooking with Chef Luca (Will Poulter) in The Bear season 2

During his stay in Copenhagen in The Bear season 2, Marcus was often troubled by dreams in which he lost his mother. If his mother passed away while he was working hard in the kitchen in The Bear season 3’s finale, he might initially find it hard to come to terms with the idea that he was not with his mother during her final moments. However, eventually, with the help of Carmy, Sydney, and the other staff members of the central restaurant, The Bear‘s Marcus will likely be able to recover from the loss and work harder on his craft to honor his mother’s memory.

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