The Conners’ Sets Up A Horrible Death Trend With Bev

Warning! Spoilers ahead for The Conners season 6, episode 3.


  • The Conners
    season 6 continues shocking deaths, saying goodbye to Bev in a poignant off-screen exit, keeping with the show’s trend.
  • Bev’s dementia journey is brief as
    The Conners
    sets up her final “great adventure,” with Jackie tracking her mom’s phone after an emotional day.
  • Writing out Bev before her death allows
    The Conners
    to give her a proper closure and ensures the storyline with Jackie concludes well.

The Conners season 6 continues a horrible death trend when it effectively writes out Bev. Jackie and Roseanne’s mother has always been an interesting character in the Roseanne franchise. While she wasn’t physically abusive to her daughters like her husband, Bev was emotionally manipulative. Roseanne handled her antics so much better than her younger sister, with Jackie having a more difficult relationship with the Harris matriarch. So when Roseanne unexpectedly died due to an opioid overdose, Jackie solely became responsible for their aging mother, which hasn’t been easy for her.

To make matters more complicated, it was revealed that Bev is suffering from dementia, which means that she would slowly lose her memories and capabilities to take care of herself. The Conners hasn’t really tackled the matter, considering Estelle Parsons’ limited appearances in the show. Before the Roseanne spinoff sequel can fully dive into the real hardships brought by the disease both to the patient and their caretakers, it effectively wraps up the storyline by writing out Bev. This also increases the chances that her death will be handled the way the franchise has always done it, which is disappointing.


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Estelle Parsons may have appeared as Bev Harris for the final time in The Conners in a poignant send-off to Jackie and Roseanne’s mother.

The Conners Sets Up Bev’s Off-Screen Death

Estelle Parsons' Bev stands beside a train in The Conners season 6 episode 3

In The Conners season 6, episode 3, “Moms and Rats,” Bev invites Jackie for a day together in Chicago, confessing that she wants to spend the day with her daughter to make up for all the years that she treated her poorly. Admittedly, the trip wouldn’t be enough to mend everything that Jackie went through, but it’s a start. After an emotionally taxing day, however, Bev reveals that she is planning on her “great adventure,” refusing to die slowly while idly sitting in her apartment. While Jackie lets her go, she subsequently reveals that she is tracking her mom’s phone.

The Conners
didn’t have to tackle Bev’s inevitable death this way. It could have properly played on the screen, allowing Jackie and the rest of the clan to pay their respects and say goodbye to the legacy character.

This sets up Bev’s demise to happen off-screen, which preserves the franchise’s trend when it comes to handling losses. While the Roseanne series never shied away from deaths, with the family experiencing a string of tragedies. That being said, every time they would lose someone, such as Dan’s parents, it would always happen off the screen. The Conners didn’t have to tackle Bev’s inevitable death this way. It could have properly played on the screen, allowing Jackie and the rest of the clan to pay their respects and say goodbye to the legacy character.

Why The Conners Had To Write Out Bev Before She Dies

Estelle Parsons as Bev in The Conners

Parsons continues to be brilliant as Bev in The Conners, and it seems like the show can continue featuring her. That way, the show could spend more time tackling her predicament. However, it’s worth noting that Parsons is actually turning 97 in 2024, meaning that the Roseanne spinoff sequel cannot risk not being able to properly wrap it up in case something happens to the actor. Writing her out this way not only allows The Conners to give her a happier send-off as Bev goes on her “great adventure,” while also ensures that her story with Jackie gets proper closure.

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