This Cobra Kai Character Needs To Win Season 6’s Final Tournament More Than Anyone Else


  • Miguel stands out as the top contender for victory in the Sekai Taikai tournament in Cobra Kai season 6.
  • The absence of major victories for Miguel since season 3 raises the stakes for his potential triumph.
  • Miguel winning the Sekai Taikai would bring the Cobra Kai series full circle, validating his journey and Johnny’s teachings.

Of all the characters vying for the title of the Sekai Taikai champion, none needs it more than Miguel in Cobra Kai season 6. As season 5’s setup for the final chapter strongly implies, the Sekai Taikai is shaping up to be the endgame for Netlix’s Karate Kid sequel series. Described as an international karate tournament, the Sekai Taikai looks to be a competition where each of the teenage characters will get an opportunity to prove how much they’ve learned from their respective senseis.

As it stands, multiple characters are considered tournament contenders after Cobra Kai season 5’s ending. The obvious choices for this role are Miguel, Sam, Robby, and Eli, who are all likely participants since Johnny and Daniel’s dojo did secure a spot in the event. Other names worth mentioning are Tory and Kenny. Kenny seemingly left Cobra Kai, but could wind up back in the picture in time for the tournament. The same is likely to be the case for Cobra Kai’s Tory now that she’s on good terms with Johnny and Daniel’s students. This gives Cobra Kai plenty of options for the Sekai Taikai’s winner, but one name stands out above all the rest.

Miguel Desperately Needs A Major Win In Cobra Kai Season 6

An argument can be made for several different characters when it comes to who should win the Sekai Taikai, but the one with what may very well be the strongest case is Miguel. After all, Miguel has been training longer than any other student in the series. Sam has technically had the longest association with karate, but she seemingly stopped practicing for years and only became seriously interested in season 2. Miguel, on the other hand, is the reason the show’s story took off in the first place; convincing Johnny to teach him karate was what led to Cobra Kai reopening and the revival of Johnny and Daniel’s rivalry.

In addition to being the character who has poured the most time into his training, Miguel is also someone with a deep-rooted passion for karate. How much he wanted to win was on full display when he made a heartfelt speech about how karate changed his life in order to ensure that the All Valley Karate Tournament wasn’t canceled. Sadly, issues with Johnny and Sam piled up and clouded his thoughts, resulting in an unceremonious ending to his tournament hopes in season 4. The following season saw Miguel regain his interest in karate and continue to support his friends and mentors, showing that he’s still the hero of the series.

Miguel Hasn’t Had A Major Victory In Cobra Kai Since Season 3

Xolo Maridueña as Miguel Diaz and William Zabka as Johnny Lawrence in Cobra Kai Season 3

In spite of his importance to the series and his victory in the show’s first tournament, Cobra Kai hasn’t been very generous to Miguel when it comes to big wins, especially in recent seasons. Cobra Kai season 5 confirmed Miguel is the superior fighter to Robby, but saw Miguel refrain from finishing the fight. Plus, the fight was really just about Miguel and Robby’s personal rivalry; it wasn’t an official match or a fight that had any real stakes in terms of the dojo war narrative. In fact, the last time Miguel had a one-on-one fight that fit with that criteria was in season 4, and that ended in disaster.

Injuring his back against Eli in the semifinals and choosing not to return to the mat culminated in Miguel – season 1’s winner – being a non-factor in the finale. Instead, all the action went to Eli, Robby, Tory, and Sam. Cobra Kai could have rectified Miguel’s absence from this conflict by allowing him to be the one to represent the combined dojos in the exhibition match against Cobra Kai in season 5, but rather than take the route, the series elected to give this responsibility to Eli. For that reason, Miguel’s last major victory has to be traced all the way back to the season 3 finale when he defeated Kyler, a secondary villain who is now routinely beaten in the series.

Miguel Winning The Sekai Taikai Would Bring Cobra Kai Full Circle

A victory in the Sekai Taikai for Miguel would be the most fitting ending the series could provide, and not just because of what it would mean for the character. In season 1, Johnny worked hard to ensure that his students – specifically Miguel – won the All Valley Karate Tournament. He ultimately did achieve that goal, but it was marred by Miguel’s dirty tactics in the final round. Since then, Johnny tried to change course and get his students to win the right way. Unfortunately, Johnny hasn’t been able to see that wish come to fruition, as his dojo was stuck on the sidelines during the final round of the season 4’s tournament.

With all that in mind, Miguel winning the Sekai Taikai would be a validation of both his own journey and Johnny’s. Such an outcome would bring Cobra Kai’s story full circle in a way that wouldn’t feel like a repeat of season 1. Miguel won using the old principles of Cobra Kai that Johnny wanted to leave behind, while Cobra Kai season 6’s Miguel can win on his own merits and fully earn his victory. Doing so would effectively pay off six seasons of stories for Johnny and Miguel.

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