Titans’ New Villain Is Officially One of Their Most Powerful Ever (Using Darkseid-Level Technology)


  • The Titans face a new Darkseid-level threat thanks to Amanda Waller’s manipulation and the creation of Vanadia.
  • Waller’s new cyborg weapon, powered by a Mother Box, can copy the Titans’ powers and poses a serious danger.
  • The Titans, already weakened and manipulated, must now face Vanadia and Waller’s plan to eliminate them for good.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Titans #10!Things are about to get a whole lot worse for the Titans now that they’re about to face a Darkseid-level threat. The team might have survived “Beast World” but they aren’t prepared for the next threat Amanda Waller has planned for them.

The Titans are still trying to pick up the pieces after Beast Boy lost himself and became an out-of-control monster. But Waller isn’t going to give the team time to collect themselves. Instead, she’s about to strike while they’re weakened with a new villain that could be the Titans’ most powerful threat yet.

Amanda Waller is Assembling Weapon Powered by a Mother Box

In Titans #10 by Tom Taylor, Lucas Meyer, Adriano Lucas, and Wes Abbott, the Titans have become aware that Trigon is coming for them once more. Unfortunately, the team doesn’t realize that they’re being manipulated by Raven’s demon half, who has been posing as Raven since the end of “Beast World”. With Flash gone, the Titans recruit Tempest to officially rejoin them, though Donna warns Garth that the public is still against them after Beast Boy nearly destroyed the world in his Garro form.

But Morrow stresses the importance of ensuring his robot is created right as Vanadia could “
wipe out all life on the planet

Beast Boy, however, is finally starting to move past the outrage the public has for him, but only because Raven’s dark side removed feelings of guilt from Garfield’s mind. During a conversation with Raven, Starfire discovers how her friend altered Beast Boy’s mind, but before Koriand’r can respond, an alert rings out in Titans Tower as Raven’s brother Trilogy attacks the city. The Titans spring into action saving the protesters who’d been rallying against the team. Even Beast Boy manages to convince several protesters to trust him as the Titans evacuate the area.

The Titans manage to save the protesters while the evil Raven deals with her brother. As she drags Trilogy away, Nightwing begins to grow suspicious of Raven’s behavior. Elsewhere at an undisclosed location, Amanda Waller observes Dr. T.O. Morrow, who is carefully rebuilding a Mother Box while working on his latest creation. Waller wants Morrow to finish his new project, a cyborg named Vanadia, so Waller can use it to kill the Titans. But Morrow stresses the importance of ensuring his robot is created right as Vanadia could “wipe out all life on the planet”.

Amanda Waller’s Journey to Creating the Perfect Titan Killer

After Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths, Waller was tasked by the Council of Light to exterminate every single metahuman on the face of the planet. From the shadows, Waller began manipulating heroes and villains alike, while also keeping an eye on heroes she felt were problematic. Waller targeted the Titans, who had stepped up to replace the Justice League after they disbanded following the most recent Crisis. To assist her mission, Waller secretly recruited Raven’s demon side and gifted her powerful, magic relics, turning her into Doctor Hate.

Waller got the chance of a lifetime to bring the Titans down a peg when the team responded to an attack by a terrifying alien known as the Necrostar. Beast Boy pushed his powers to the limit and became a Star Conqueror to repel the alien menace, which was a success. Unfortunately, Waller had Doctor Hate wipe Beast Boy’s mind, leaving him stuck in his ‘Garro’ form. To make matters worse, the monstrous Beast Boy released thousands of spores that attached themselves to people and turned them into animal-human hybrids.

Waller’s antagonism towards the Titans can be seen in
Titans (2023)
Titans: Beast World

Amid the chaos, Waller became the head of the Bureau of Sovereignty. She attempted to use this power to bomb the hybrids until she was stopped by the Titans, who had Cyborg hack her drones and stop Waller’s drones. But the heroes played right into Waller’s hands. Waller publicly blamed Beast Boy for “Beast World” and told the world how the Titans hacked the United States government. As the heroes tried to assuage the public, Waller continued working to take the Titans down, even teaming up with Raven’s father, Trigon.

Waller’s New Weapon Could Finally Take Down the Titans

Vanadia Design Cover Meyer Titans 11 DC

While fans don’t get to see much of Vanadia other than the final page of Titans #10, there are hints to just how dangerous she is. For one, she’s being constructed by the mad scientist Dr. T.O. Morrow, the same evil genius who has a history of creating powerful androids (including Red Tornado). Morrow is also integrating a Fourth World Mother Box into Vanadia’s system, which could give her access to Source energy and make her far more powerful than the Titans’ usual villains.

Waller’s newest weapon does seem like she could potentially wipe out all life on Earth.

Vanadia might still be in construction right now, but a design variant by Lucas Meyer for the upcoming Titans #11 reveals that she can copy all of the team’s powers. One arm can mimic Beast Boy’s animal-based shape-shifting while her other arm secretly hides a canon similar to Cyborgs. Vanadia can also emit powerful Tamaranean-like energy and even wields Nightwing and Donna Troy’s respective signature weapons. The only Titan Vanadia doesn’t copy is Raven, but this isn’t necessary as the real Raven is currently imprisoned in the evil Raven’s gem.

Chris Samnee’s cover for Titans #11 also shows just how powerful a threat Vanadia is. Between her energy blasts and shape-shifting powers (not to mention the added powers granted to her by the Mother Box), Waller’s newest weapon does seem like she could potentially wipe out all life on Earth. At the very least, she’s going to be enough to weaken the Titans. Waller has already destroyed the team’s reputation during “Beast World”, and now she’s on the precipice of getting rid of the Titans for good.

Vanadia Will Be the Titans’ Greatest Challenge Yet

Vanadia Attacks the Titans Samnee Cover Titans 11 DC

The Titans’ confidence is shot and the evil Raven is slowly manipulating the Titans. The last thing they need right now is a powerful cyborg who can perfectly copy the Titans’ abilities. While the team has faced tough odds before, Vanadia is attacking the team at a pretty critical point. Between Morrow and Fourth World technology empowering Vanadia, Waller might have created the perfect weapon and is using it at the perfect time. Hopefully, the Titans can find a way to overcome this terrifying threat headed their way.

Titans #10 is available now from DC Comics.

Titans #10 (2024)

Titans 10 Main Cover: costumed superheroes pose in front of the face of a demon.

  • Writer: Tom Taylor
  • Artist: Lucas Meyer
  • Colorist: Adriano Lucas
  • Letterer: Wes Abbott
  • Cover Artist: Chris Samnee