Why Taylor Swift Almost Completely Ignores Her Debut Album On The Eras Tour (Despite The Title)


  • Swift’s Eras Tour celebrates her career with hits from each album, but excludes songs from her self-titled debut due to minimal popularity.
  • Swift is re-recording her albums as “Taylor’s Version,” but has yet to re-record her debut album.
  • Swift connects more with current music and plays surprise songs from her debut album on The Eras Tour acoustic set.

As seen in Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour, Swift encapsulates her decades-long career on stage, but doesn’t sing anything from her self-titled debut album. Swift embarked on The Eras Tour beginning in 2023 with the idea of celebrating her impressive career by performing her greatest hits from each “era” or album. Swift also got the chance to perform songs from albums that had come out between her last tour and The Eras Tour, such as folklore and Midnights. Still, Swift has yet to include her first album, Taylor Swift, on the setlist.

Throughout the past few years, Swift has been on the journey to re-record her albums, renaming them with the subtitle, Taylor’s Version. Before the release of Speak Now (Taylor’s Version), songs from the original album were given a similar treatment to Taylor Swift, having a limited presence on tour. Even so, while Swift only performed one song from Speak Now, “Enchanted,” it was still part of the official setlist and later, she added “Long Live” as well. However, the same cannot be said for Taylor Swift, as it only appears periodically in the acoustic section of The Eras Tour.


Not Even The Eras Tour (Taylor’s Version) Will Restore The Movie’s Most Surprising Cut Taylor Swift Song

After already being cut from the theatrical and VOD releases, it seems a hit song will still be missing from Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour on Disney+.

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Ignores Her Debut Album Due To Its Lack Of Popularity

Taylor Swift’s debut album doesn’t contribute much to her overall streams.

Lover Era Close up shot from Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour (Stream Release)

While there’s no definitive answer as to why Swift ignores her debut album on The Eras Tour, one of the most notable factors setting it apart is the lack of streams. Due to the success of The Eras Tour and public interest in her re-recording endeavors, Swift ended 2023 as the top artist on Spotify (via CNN). However, of her biggest hits on Spotify, which include “Cruel Summer” from Lover and “Don’t Blame Me” from Reputation, the presence of Swift’s debut is scarce. According to kworb.net, the first song from Taylor Swift to appear is “Our Song” at number 64.

At the time of publication, these numbers were last updated as of March 14, 2024.

Taylor Swift
was released in 2006, when Swift was 16 years old, and includes her diaristic writing from an early age.

It’s also important to consider Swift’s inability to connect with the content of her older music. Taylor Swift was released in 2006, when Swift was 16 years old, and includes her diaristic writing from an early age, including a song she wrote at age 12, “The Outside.” Swift has addressed her younger self in recent music, such as “You’re On Your Own, Kid” from Midnights, but this is done from the perspective of an adult, reflecting on her life thus far, rather than detailing current adolescent experiences as she does on her debut album.

Every Song From Her Debut Album Taylor Swift Has Played On The Eras Tour

Taylor Swift has played almost every song from her debut album as a surprise song.

On The Eras Tour, Swift implemented an acoustic set, also known as the “surprise songs,” for each show, where she performs a song of hers excluded from the setlist. As a result, Swift has performed almost the entirety of her debut album. The only songs that remain are “Mary’s Song (Oh My My My)” and “A Perfectly Good Heart.”




“Tim McGraw”

Glendale, Arizona & Singapore

March 17, 2023 & March 9, 2024

“Our Song”

Las Vegas, Nevada & Los Angeles, California

March 24, 2023 & August 4, 2023

“A Place in this World”

Houston, Texas

April 22, 2023

“Cold As You”

Houston, Texas

April 23, 2023

“Teardrops On My Guitar”

Nashville, Tennessee & Melbourne, Australia

May 5, 2023 & February 18, 2024

“Should’ve Said No”

Foxborough, Massachusetts & Sydney, Australia

May 19, 2023 & February 24, 2024


Foxborough, Massachusetts

May 20, 2023

“I’m Only Me When I’m With You”

Cincinnati, Ohio

June 30, 2023

“Picture To Burn”

Denver, Colorado

July 14, 2023

“Tied Together with a Smile”

Seattle, Washington

July 23, 2023

“Stay Beautiful”

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

November 17, 2023

“The Outside”

Tokyo, Japan

February 9, 2024

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