Wolverine Names the 1 Marvel Genius Smart Enough to Permanently Beat His Healing Factor


  • Wolverine sacrifices his healing factor in solidarity with his love, Jean Grey, making him vulnerable to aging, sickness, and death.
  • The Spider-Man villain, the Jackal, succeeds in permanently weakening Wolverine’s healing factor, showcasing his twisted genius.
  • The Jackal’s ability to suppress Wolverine’s powers poses a significant threat, with Wolverine unlikely to give him a chance to strike again.

Warning: Contains SPOILERS for Weapon X-Men #2Wolverine is one of Marvel’s most iconic heroes with an incredible healing factor as notorious as he is. Thanks to this mutant gift, Logan has lived hundreds of years and survived countless battles that would have quite literally torn lesser men to shreds. And while many have tried to rid the Caknucklehead of his uncanny resiliency, most have failed – save for one unexpected Spider-Man bad guy.

Weapon X-Men #2 by Christos Gage, Yildray Çinar, Nolan Woodward, and VC’s Clayton Cowles catches fans up with the Wolverine of Earth-9997, also known as Earth-X. Detailing his failed relationship with his world’s Jean Grey – a shadow of her former self after losing her powers – Logan explains how he gave up his own abilities in solidarity.

Consulting a geneticist named Miles Warren, Logan has his X-Gene successfully suppressed, only for his relationship to crumble all the same. And though Warren is only briefly mentioned in this retelling, eagle-eyed Marvel fans will recognize the scientist as none other than the Jackal himself.


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The Jackal Is One Twisted Genius

This Spider-Man Baddie Gives Science A Bad Name

Countless foes have sought the means to weaken Wolverine’s healing factor for good, and the vast majority have failed, unlike Earth-X’s Miles Warren. While this Logan notes that he still has a small portion of his healing factor, he does acknowledge that it’s weak enough for him to age, gain weight, get sick and finally die. Other healing factor suppressants may have temporarily weakened Wolverine, but the notion that it was Jackal who was able to permanently stifle Logan, even consensually, speaks to how brilliant the classic Spider-Man villain truly is.

On Earth-616, it was Warren who created the fan-favorite Spider-Man clone, Ben Reilly, and caused Peter Parker and his one-time paramour Gwen Stacy no small amount of heartbreak.

Created by Stan Lee, Steve Ditko, Gerry Conway, and Ross Andru, Miles Warren aka the Jackal is one of Marvel Comics’ most twisted scientists. This inventive geneticist has a penchant for cloning that would put madmen like Mister Sinister to shame. If there is anyone ingenious enough to successfully suppress Wolverine’s healing, it’s the Jackal. On Earth-616, it was Warren who created the fan-favorite Spider-Man clone, Ben Reilly, and caused Peter Parker and his one-time paramour Gwen Stacy no small amount of heartbreak.

The Jackal Is A True Threat To Wolverine

Logan Is Unlikely To Give Warren A Chance To Strike

Wolverine popping his claws in the comics while healing from huge damage with his healing factor

Ultimately, Earth-X’s own Jackal variant directs that heartbreak to his universe’s Wolverine, even if it is drastically less direct than his Earth-616’s lecherous schemes for Gwen Stacy. But in any timeline, Wolverine and Spider-Man are very different people, and Logan is a far less forgiving hero than the Wallcrawler. Should the Miles Warren of Earth-616 ever be unfortunate enough to cross paths with his Earth’s Logan, the Jackal is going to have to work quickly if he has any hopes of permanently stopping the man called Wolverine.

Weapon X-Men #2

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