You Season 5 Image Reveals Joe Goldberg’s NYC Return


  • You
    season 5 filming has started, hinting at Joe Goldberg’s return to New York City in the final season.
  • The former showrunner Sera Gamble previously teased that Joe’s story could have a satisfying conclusion with justice being a potential theme.
  • New cast members have joined season 5, including Anna Camp and Griffin Matthews as Joe’s in-laws.

You season 5 kicks off filming by revealing Joe Goldberg’s return to New York City in a new image. Starring Penn Badgley as the show’s sinister lead, the Netflix psychological thriller follows an obsessive and dangerous bookstore owner who goes to unimaginable lengths to insert himself into the lives of various women he becomes infatuated with. Netflix announced that season 5 would be the show’s final outing.

According to Netflix’s official account on X (formerly Twitter), You season 5 has officially begun filming. The streamer also revealed a new image. Check out the image below:

Based on the city background in the image, season 5 would likely return to New York City, where Joe Goldberg’s story was initially introduced.

How Will You Season 5 Conclude Joe’s Story

Joe’s dark past may finally come to haunt him.

Despite recently stepping down as the showrunner, Sera Gamble stated she’s had numerous conversations with Penn Badgley and the creative team about potentially ending Joe’s arc with some form of justice.

Since the show started streaming on Netflix, it quickly earned a following and critical acclaim due to the provocative tension and thrilling story throughout its runtime. Since the events of season 1, Joe moved to different cities, pursuing his various romantic obsessions and wreaking havoc in his wake. In particular, Beck’s death and Candice’s unexpected return pushed the serial killer to try to lie low without much success. While the ending of You season 4 saw Joe in the best position he’s been in a long while, there’s a sense that it could all come crashing down for him in this final season.

initially premiered on Lifetime for season 1 before making the move to Netflix.

Despite recently stepping down as the showrunner, Sera Gamble stated she’s had numerous conversations with Penn Badgley and the creative team about potentially ending Joe’s arc with some form of justice. Season 4 ended with the subtle tease of his alter ego still present while returning to New York with his current love interest, Kate Galvin (Charlotte Ritchie). Furthermore, many characters, such as Nadia (Amy-Leigh Hickman) and Dr. Nicky (John Stamos), know the truth about Joe’s dark history, which could be consequential.

You Season 5 Cast


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As season 5 commences filming, Badgley is reprising his role of Joe, with Ritchie also expected to return. Madeline Brewer joins the cast as Bronte, a young playwright who works at Joe’s bookstore. Anna Camp and Griffin Matthews have also been added to the cast as Joe’s in-laws. With the final episodes on the horizon, there have been questions about whether Jenna Ortega could reprise her role of Ellie Alves. Her character’s arc remains resolved since season 2, such as her current whereabouts and if Joe remains in contact with her.


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Although details remain sparse about season 5, it can be speculated that Joe and Kate have now formally married, given the introduction of in-laws. Transgressions are expected since that remains a recurring theme with Joe. Hopefully, with You now filming the final episodes, more information may come to light about Joe’s climax.

Source: Netflix/X (formerly Twitter)

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